Email marketing consists in using electronic mail to communicate with prospects and current customers. Currently, there are three times as many email accounts than Facebook and Twitter accounts; therefore, the audience is large. However, for the marketing strategy to be successful,

Buying a car for the first time can be daunting. You can feel a lot of stress if you aren’t informed before you hit the car lot. Once you’ve established a realistic budget and your specific transportation needs, you’ll be

Road trips are always fun…as a concept. Thinking about the trip is sometimes much better than actually being on the trip. The truth is, road trips can be tedious, boring, and usually filled with lots of whining — not all

Headed to college this August? Congratulations! Before the real work begins, there are five homework assignments you should take care of: a plan for each of the following topics! While we’re joking about the homework (you’ll have enough of that

Are you familiar with the term parking lot fair? It’s every fundraiser’s best friend: the carnival held in your own parking lot. If a business, church, fire station, or nonprofit is trying to raise awareness or extra funds, they typically