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Infographic Provided by: Portland State University Online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice

A recent case hearing in Toronto revealed a big problem with the Legal Aid threshold for income. The income threshold for an individual is set at $12,000. This number is unrealistic considering the poverty and inflation in Canada. Superior Court

A peace bond is a court order which ensures peace and good behavior. If someone harmed you or threatened to harm you or your property, he or she can sign an agreement to keep peace which usually means staying away

Just like you need local professional to solve your issues related to home maintenance, car maintenance, filling your tax returns, paying your debts on time etc. you need a local criminal attorney to take you through the proceedings and set

Having an accident with your rental car is the last thing on your mind when you hire a car and start your journey. But bad things can happen too and in a case of an accident you need to know