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5 Mistakes People With Food Intolerance Often Do While Travelling

During a trip it is quite easy for us to forget that we have specific food intolerance. There are mistakes that people could do, especially when they are offered tasty local cuisine that they are curious to try:

We don’t monitor what affects our body

After staying for more than a couple of days, we should understand what affects our body in a certain way. We could make mistake, especially when reactions that we experience is quite different to that at home. We should know how our body behaves. As an example, we may fail to notice that butter is only tolerable in moderation, but custard and cheese should be completely avoided. For some people with dairy intolerance, more solid form of milk-based products can’t be tolerated, but they can still handle some butter in cakes, pastries and other dishes.

We don’t bring enough medication

It is important for us to take adequate medication. It is a good idea to be fully prepared and any mild reactions should be handled quickly. In some cases, simple remedies, such as green tea can help to reduce our bloating symptoms. We may also need to bring enough anti nausea tablets with us.

We don’t try to be creative with our food options

People with more serious food intolerance symptoms may find it difficult to choose things that they can eat safely. As an example, it would be quite boring to consistently eat Panini with prosciutto as filling. In this case, we may need to order meals that contain tomatoes and carrot to make things more interesting, at least a bit. Unsatisfactory food could result in poor mood and this will be a bad thing to have during a trip. We should make sure that we have the best possible attitude during this situation.

We don’t choose airlines that cater for our requirements

Some long-distance flights could take 12 hours or longer. In this case, the airline should provide food that’s acceptable for our requirements. We should ask the travel agent to make sure that we will get an appropriate meal. These meals should be labelled clearly, so we can be sure things that we eat. Some airlines have vegan meal options and we shouldn’t be too concerned in this kind of situation. In many cases, we will be able to confirm this detail with the airline or the travel agent. It is also a good idea to read user reviews written by people who have the same problem.

We don’t travel with people who understand our food intolerance problem

Travelling can be quite challenging and it can be even harder without proper assistance when we have food intolerance. The severity of the condition could vary depending on the seriousness of our food intolerance and the amount of food that we consume. The person who accompanies us could also become a control mechanism and he/she could warn us if we eat something risky.

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