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How To Use Wikipedia In Our SEO Campaign?

We all know that Google places significant weight on the authority of the website, when it comes to search engine ranking. Wikipedia is a free, user-generated information website and it is often placed on top of search ranking for many keywords. Average Internet users often find that top positions in search ranking are occupied by Wikipedia pages. Beating Wikipedia can be quite difficult, even if we manage to create a webpage that contain more information and more frequently updated. Adding links in a Wikipedia page can be very difficult, especially because Wikipedia editors zealously safeguard pages.

If we are proficient enough in our field, it is possible to make a website that’s a resource. In this case, Wikipedia’s page may not be detailed or updated enough on specific pages. Instead of trying to beat Wikipedia, it is a good idea to use it for our SEO campaign. If we are knowledge in specific field, it is possible that Wikipedia will provide us with some SEO benefits. But if we could only provide basic information or unfounded assumptions, our website could be removed. In this case, we should know how to create and write a Wikipedia-compliant page for our website. We have a bigger chance of being accepted, if the term isn’t yet present in Wikipedia. If this is the case, we are good to go.

When creating a Wikipedia page, we should know that it should be placed in a relevant category. We should make sure that we have the proper category for our article. Our page should also be completely objective, both in content and tone. Any promotional and sales-oriented content will be immediately removed. The page must have multiple reference sources, so readers will feel that they obtain neutral information from strong sources. Wikipedia explicitly states that it isn’t a dictionary. It means that we should go beyond just defining a term. It means that we need to describe the term in greater detail in an enecyclopedia-like context.

If we are still not with familiar with this, we could read a few popular, well-maintained Wikipedia pages to see how information and details should be written. It will be necessary to cite at least three references for our newly created page. References can be from Wikipedia pages themselves or trusted external websites. Wikipedia editor will check the references sections and see whether it’s a spam attempt. By checking the quality of the article, it will easy for the editor to verify this. We should be aware that because we can freely create and edit a Wikipedia page, it means that others can do the same.

Based on these facts, it is clear that we should create a Wikipedia page at later stage of our website development. Wikipedia editors won’t trust a new website that still has a little content and no authority in the field. We can use our website as references at multiple Wikipedia pages, if we are already trusted.

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