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Home entertainment system can be quite expensive, often it could cost us more than $1000. In general, a brand new system we buy is still usable for the next four or five years. However, without proper maintenance it is possible that our home entertainment system would last shorter than that. In this case, we should try to avoid any kind of equipment breakdown. Things like speakers, large TV, Blu Ray players and others can be damaged after prolonged use. The more important things is to make sure that we have the proper attitude to make sure that our home entertainment system could last longer.

4 Ways To Maintain Our Home Theater System

Here are things that we should do

Blu-ray player

We should use dry lint-free cloth to regularly clean the player of dirt, dust, smudges, spots and smears. We should check the manual, whether there’s a special method to clean the Blu-Ray players. Dust that accumulates near holes and gaps could enter the interior of the player, causing possible damage and malfunction. We should do this regularly. It is not recommended to use any kind of spray, because the liquid could damage the internal electronic components. Just by cleaning the exterior regularly, we should be able to keep the interior cleaner.

Clean the TV

When cleaning our TV set, it is a bad idea to use glass cleaning solution. TV has a different kind of glass layer and latest models don’t have glass coating at all! Ammonia and alcohol in standard glass cleaner could cause damages. It is also important to choose special cloth to prevent any kind of scratches. Just like with cleaning Blu-Ray player, we should only clean the exterior with dry lint-free cloth.

Clean DVD playing unit

In many home entertainment systems, a DVD player unit is also added. Many are not feeling comfortable playing standard DVD on their Blu-Ray player. This is actually a good practice, because we could potentially extend the life of our expensive Blu-Ray player. We could use a special DVD cleaner unit and we could leave it running for ten minutes. We shouldn’t choose the cheap cleaning DVD. The 10-brush cleaner should work well in removing dust on the optical unit of our DVD player. This could restore the sound and visual quality of our DVD player. After about ten hours of use, it is a good idea to clean the interior of our DVD player.

Check speakers

Speakers could degrade and it has a special condition known as foam rot. When it happen, the sound quality of our speaker system will decline and it take money to repair. For this reason, we should choose speakers that can be dismantled quite easily. This will allow a proper technician to replace the damaged foam.

We should also be aware that machines could suffer some amount of fatigue and home theatre system could also get tired after prolonged use. In this case, overuse could cause overheating and we may shorten the operational lives of the internal components.

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