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Engineering is a subject that deals with the application of mathematics, empirical evidence and elements of science, economics along with social and practical knowledge intended to build, maintain, innovate and invent machines. Engineering is widely regarded as one of the tougher courses of study. But when the time comes to reap the rewards that effort has sown, it is worth it. The Entrance to the engineering world lies in the JEE or Joint Entrance Exam, widely considered as the toughest exam in the country. Turn to engineering if you feel comfortable with machines and have a genuine love for applied science.

5 Things You Need To Think About Before Taking EngineeringC

  • Clearing The JEE:

         The first hurdle of the Engineering, The JEE will weed out the unworthy at the very beginning. You need serious motivation and perseverance to simultaneously Complete Class XII coursework as well as JEE syllabus, take comfort in the fact that CBSE 12 syllabus is quite similar to the JEE syllabus especially the class 12 physics syllabus. Even though the syllabuses tally, you need to a better understanding of the subjects than required in CBSE to clear this exam.  Get yourself informed as much as possible about the JEE, both JEE-Main and JEE-Advanced. Knowledge about the exams will help you make an Informed Decision.

  • Playing your Strengths: There is a wide array of engineering branches to choose from, and more and more are being introduced in institutions almost yearly. You need to figure out, that with your specific set of skills and direction of interests where you might fit and grow. Keep in mind while making the decision that you also need to start earning money after completing your studies, so choosing a branch that offers that is not a bad idea. Following are the different courses you can choose from:
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Software Engineering

As you can see there are a large number of choices to choose from, each branch hold its own secret reserves of knowledge and its own earning capacity, choose wisely.

  • Choose and Join A Tuition or Coaching Center: The only way to study the CBSE 12 syllabus as well as prepare for JEE is to join a good coaching center. A good center with the right teachers and proper motivation can work wonders. JEE-Mains Exam is the gateway to gaining admission in all institutions in India except IIT, for e.g. NIT. There are several institutions which specialize in IIT Coaching; everybody wants to get into the best chain of Institutions in the country. Centers like FIIT JEE, Bansal Classes, Narayana, Brilliant Tutorials etc. are spread all over the country in various states and citites and are widely considered as some of the best coaching for IIT. While attending classes remember to go over the material covered daily, this helps you in keeping updated, as well as cementing your understanding of the subjects.
  • Learn What Drives You: We all have an idol that we look up to and want to be. It can be anyone ranging from a family member to a businessman to a scientist. Whoever inspires you the most, learn from them. If you find inspiration from Steve Jobs and Apple or Bill Gates with Microsoft, learn their stories; see the struggles these two geniuses had to face. Learning about your idol overcoming obstacles in their own life will motivate you to push forward. You can easily find out a lot of info about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates—or almost any other prominent figure in the field of technology; study their lives and see how he struggled to beat the odds. Then encompass their good traits within your personal, academic, and professional life.
  • Do it For the Right Reasons: Only go for Engineering if your heart is set into it and you can handle the pressure. Statistically, in our country parents burden their child with unrealistic standard of academics which leads to pressure and disorientation. If you have been born with a love for machines and a natural aptitude for applied Sciences then Engineering is for you. If not, do not force yourself down a path you don’t want to go; follow your heart.

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