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Coatings On Storage Silos For Plastic Make The Product Long Lasting

Ensuring that dry bulk storage silos for plastic and grains endure for several years and need little maintenance is rely on their resistance to the factors – corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion. Corrosion is the critical enemy of the storage tank. It reduces the life of the tank and increases the possibility of contamination of the product that is stored inside the silo. Abrasion wears the wall of the tank and leads to corrosion. Stored dry bulk chemicals are reactive, and like abrasion, may eventually corrode the silo walls.

Corrosion is an issue whether the dry bulk material needs frequent loading and unloading, or is restricted to standing storage over long periods of time. There is only one thing that can protect your tank against corrosion and that is coating. If you are planning to buy a new tank or silo, you must consider coating.

Manufacturers are coating the interior and exterior of a storage silo and tank for plastic. In recent time, they have discovered many high-tech coatings that provide excellent resistance against corrosion and abrasion. Specialized coatings also offer chemical resistance for strong acids and bases and high temperature and other factors.

What Types Of Storage Silos For Plastic Are Available In The Manufacturer’s Store?

Majority of the silos and tanks are manufactured with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, FRP, and concrete. Coatings done by the professionals include epoxy, glass fused to steel, high heat coatings, cold temperature coatings, and high level acidity resistance coating.

Nowadays, most technologically advanced coatings are prepared with epoxy, a general material applied electro statistically or as a liquid or powder. Once epoxy coating is applied and cured, it will bend without tearing or breaking. On the outer side, epoxy coatings are combined with urethane topcoats sometimes to offer protection against the environment.

Is it ok to use old storage tank?

No, it is unsafe to use old storage tank for a product that is not meant for the silo. There are companies recycling used tank for storing a new product ensure and evaluate the flow, safety, chemical resistance, and corrosion resistance of the tank. Poor use of the tank can leads to clogging, massive product drop, product damage, and serious injury to personnel.

In case you are using storage silos for plastic applications, it should have coating that will protect the plastic against heat or high temperature. Techno Designs experts are providing comprehensive range of silos and tanks for storing food, plastic and other materials.

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