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Connecting Home When Watching The Euro Cup In France!

For many traveling is a large part of their life. Unfortunately, many choose to forfeit their connectivity when they aren’t within their own country. The reasons that people give vary. The most common reason is the expense that they incur when they are roaming.

With the upcoming Euro Cup 2016 round the corner, a lot of people are going to be making their way through France. You might even find yourself one among these travelers. The number of matches you plan to attend will define the time you will spend away from home.

In today’s world being disconnected from our mobile phones seems strangely disconcerting. A number of phone service providers have realized the need of the public at large. Unlike the yesteryears, today’s phone plans and packages seem almost reasonable.

When The British Go to France

Orange is one of the more popular brands that people choose to use. Why? Simply because it has a lot of plans that suits a traveler’s pocket. This is particularly true for those of you are from the UK. Not only does Orange offer a variety of call rates, it also has a number of packages that it calls bundles. These bundles vary depending on the time that you spend in the country.

One of the more interesting packages is the ability to receive unlimited calls and texts from Europe at the cost of 2 pounds per day. Very reasonable, isn’t it? I would think so!

Activating the package has also got simpler. You don’t have to worry too much. It can be activated before you leave or even after you have entered the other country!


The Irish and Their Preferred Service Provider

Orange isn’t the only provider and a UK isn’t the only country that people travel from. Most of the Irish prefer to use Meteor when they go to France.

Like Orange, Meteor has its own set of packages. Unlike Orange, the packages have predefined limits. One day packages, for example cost just 3 pounds. This gives the traveler access to 10 minutes of talk time, 30 text messages and even 50 MB of data. Meteor also provides 3 days and 7 day packages.

Some travelers prefer to use just data. These travelers opt for the data pack add-on. For just 14.99 pounds, the traveler then has access to 1 GB data. It’s more than enough for any traveler to survive for a decent amount of time. In addition to this, the traveler can use Apps like Viber, Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp to keep in touch with his/her near and dear ones.


Germany and Its Preferred Service Provider While On Roam

While the Irish like Meteor and the British like Orange, the Germans prefer to use Lycamobile. I have to admit that my curiosity was piqued and I wanted to find out what Lycamobile could offer that captivated the Germans so much.
A glance at their website tells you that Lycamobiles caters to different countries. It offers you a variety of packages based on the country you are in and the country you want to place your call to. With two easy scroll down menus you will find the packages best suited for you.

Since my research is all about people traveling to France for the Euro Cup, I decided to put France as the source of my call and Germany as the country I wanted to call. The results were pretty impressive. The charges levied on calls to both France (mobiles and landlines) matched the prices of calls that were placed to Germany (mobiles and landlines). This was applicable to text messages too!

There is however a hitch. Incoming calls are charged at 1CT per min. Incoming text messages however are free. Data however seems to be a totally different ball game. The data provided by Lycamobiles is charged at 20CT per MB used.


Today’s travelers no longer fear the huge cell phone bills that were initially associated with traveling. This is because the cost of using your mobile when traveling has been reduced considerably. The mobile service providers have entered a neck to neck competition. In order to attract clients, they have started providing better and better packages to the public. This has been the main reason why the roaming charges have started to decline. Not that anyone is complaining!

I’m sure the affordable rates are going to be a boon to everyone who is traveling to France for the Euro Cup this year!

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