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Medical Tourism is a rapidly growing niche. As much as 439-billion US dollars are spent on this industry by the people, who are willing to cross borders to get better treatments. In such a fast growing industry, India is not to be left behind. When people can spend their money on hotels, Spas and holidays, why cannot they spend on something that is the bare essential for survival – health? India being the land of Ayurveda and yoga is attracting more and more foreigners, who come here to gain a deeper understanding of wellness and health.

Facts and Figures Of Medical Tourism In India

People from all over the world, Asia, Africa, Europe, and America are coming to India on the lookout for better and cheaper health treatments. The facts and figures show that medical travel India is booming.

The medical officers say that the number of international patients, who come to India to get treatment has increased 20% every year. These people spend more than 260 million US dollars for their medical treatments.

Approximately 400 to 500 patients come all the way from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, Sri Lanka and the Middle East every year.

Rising healthcare costs and several demographic factors also make people travel to India for treatment. There is a huge demand for cosmetic and dental surgery. Cardiac treatments, orthopaedic and cancer are the other fields that see more and more foreigners. Other treatments such as weight loss and fertility are also gaining momentum.

There is also substantial discrimination in healthcare on the global platform, leading people to seek treatments elsewhere. The countries such as India treat all the patients equally.

People are now treating medical tourism as a great business. The medical field is gaining a lot of fame and exposure due to the people who come from other countries and then go home to give great reviews of the treatments and services that they received.

Why is India the Favourite Among Patients?

  • Firstly, it offers high-quality services at surprisingly low rates. If a transplant costs 160,845 USD in Europe, it will cost double the amount in the US. In India, however, the same treatment is available at around 45,955 USD. Thus, the rates will decrease from 40% to 90% depending upon the hospital and the necessary treatments.
  • The entire experience of the patients and the people, who accompany them is pleasant. Top-notch services like lodging, food, medical equipment and services are provided.
  • The doctors are experts in their field and have a great success rate.
  • Getting second opinions and alternative medications is very easy here. There are different kinds of therapies such as yoga, Ayurveda, unani, etc.

Health tourism in India has evolved a lot in the past few years. The field is moving up the ladder at a great pace. India attracts patients from all over the world and has stood up to the expectations that the people come here with. The day is not far when India will become the most preferred country for medical treatment and allied services.

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