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Proper Entertainment During Wedding

For many people, wedding is the best party in their lives. It is the time when close friends and families gather together. In this case, there will be a huge mixture of tastes and ages among guests. It could be quite challenging to make sure that everyone is entertained and happy. Entertainment is an important part during a wedding ceremony and it is more than just dancing. Good entertainment can improve the experience for the whole family. The most traditional entertainment is dancing and music, but we should be able to do more than that. In order to reduce expenses, many couple are choosing low-cost entertainment options for their guests.

Many people prefer to hire professional DJ and he or she will be quite experienced in determining the right kind of music. A DJ will be able to encourage many people to get on to the dance floor. DJ should be able to vary their choices of music, especially to fulfil the taste of guests. Some DJs provide more complete solutions, such as disco lights and different kinds of effects that can create different kinds of atmosphere, depending on the kind of music. DJ will be able to talk directly to the guests and persuasive enough to ask people to go to the dance floor. DJ should be able to take requests from guests.

Another kind of entertainment solution is to hire a musician or a complete set of band. This should allow us to get people entertained quite well. We should be aware that bands don’t normally play all day, so we should make an arrangement when the band should perform. Band usually plays in specific period of times, such as 45-minute session. When choosing a band, we should do that based on a recommendation. It is also important to consider the genre of the band and make sure that it will suit the taste of most, if not all people.

There will slow times and gaps between entertainment sessions, when some of the family members make speeches. We could also consider hiring caricaturists and magician, who may mingle among guests. This should take the pressure off us, because people will be happily distracted. Caricaturists should be able to quickly create excellent sketches on the spot.

Guests will also be able to watch while these sketches are being created. Experienced magicians should also have big repertoire of interesting tricks that can keep people guessing. Entertainment values could also be enhanced with specific and unique themes of our wedding. As an example, a classic wedding could have a harpist and classical guitarist who play together.

Another thing that we should do is by providing guests with a variety of activities and games. Games should be fun and we need to think about types of games that can keep people interested, such as boules, croquet, hoopla and others. In fact, we could also provide console games for younger people in the wedding ceremony.

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