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Having a website doesn’t really guarantee that we will obtain respectable sales and traffic. Unless we have a well-known brick-and-mortar company, we will struggle to gain sales. If our business is new, it is important to leverage the power of search engine, so we will be able to attract traffic and grow our business.

When we have just started an online business, it is unlikely that we will get an immediate dividend. Business can be lucky enough, if they get sizable sales after 6 months of intense SEO campaigns, especially if they focus on highly competitive keywords. Not only global competition for specific keyword is very difficult, local competition could also be challenging, especially in large cities. For this reason, we increasingly hear more and more business owners complaining that their online investment fails to yield a return.

Why Our Website Isn’t Discovered In Search Engines

In top of that, it is possible that frustration will be compounded by the fact that competitors are performing better for similar keywords. SEO is more about link building and there are reasons why our domain name can’t be found in search engine. As an example, it is possible that the audience never searches for us and our services. In fact, the amount of searches is also considered as factor in determining rank. This could happen when consumers don’t know our business exists. When people want to look for appropriate sellers, they will go to search engine. So, we should consider choosing other marketing methods that encourage people to search for our company in search engines, instead of just clicking our links.

One of the worst mistakes is preventing search engine bots from entering our website. This could happen when we put Flash animation or other complex code. Some visual designs could look pretty, by we need to consider whether bots can enter our website. As an example, a server-side code that allows users to enter the website could be inaccessible to search engine bots. This unnecessarily complex arrangement will be useless. Improper design and coding will make much of our website unindexed. It means that each time we add new content, no one will know about it, unless they enter the website directly.

Some web designers could graduate from design schools, instead of from web development education. It means that they may have great skill sets in designing proper website, however, they could have very little knowledge in SEO. It means that although the website may look visually appealing, it could have poor SEO performance. Each time a search engine index a website, it will compare the website with a set of standard. If the website scores really poor, it could become blacklisted. This is something that we need to consider to prevent our website from being kicked completely from search results.

Another reason that our website is missing from search engine is that competitors have better content. Yes, content is king and websites are sorted based on the content quality. If our website still suffers from this kind of issue, it is important to consider making significant changes.

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