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12 Careers That Are Perfect For Outgoing People

Some careers are better suited for certain personality types than others. Each profession requires its own training, education and experience for success, but having an outgoing personality can help you get much further if you choose one of the following careers.

Mortgage Loan Officer

The experts at Eagle Home Mortgage say they look for outgoing individuals when they add a mortgage loan officer to their team. Property buyers come from all walks of life, and it can get stressful at times. Personable people who know how to ease people’s concerns during the biggest investment of a person’s life have a bright future in the mortgage industry.


The demanding job of a nurse requires an outgoing, positive personality. You’re working one-on-one with people who are ill and injured, which means the more personable you can be the better their experience will be. Nurses also regularly interact with the patient’s family and other medical personnel. If you have an outgoing, positive personality and enjoy helping people you should learn more about the demanding job of a nurse. You’re working one-on-one with people who are ill and injured, which means the more personable you can be the better their experience will be. Nurses also regularly interact with the patient’s family and other medical personnel.


Attorneys spend a lot of time looking for evidence, reading legal documents and writing up complicated paperwork. But they also frequently interact with clients, witnesses, experts, other attorneys, judges and jury members. Having a well-like outgoing personality is especially important for local criminal attorneys because your reputation can be built on a single case.

Marketing Director

Being a people person can give you a serious advantage as a marketing manager or director. Given that marketing experts have to tap into their target market’s motivators, needs and wants it makes sense that they would be the type that really gets to know people. Take the first scene of Mad Men, for instance. As a part of his research, Don Draper has a discussion with his waiter about a brand of cigarettes. Inquisitive marketing managers have these types of interactions all the time.


Like nurses, EMTs work with numerous patients on any given workday. They have to be able to come into people’s homes and make them feel comfortable even if there’s a medical emergency. EMTs must have robust medical knowledge, but their people skills are just as important on many calls.

Public Relations Manager

The name says it all. Public relations (PR) managers are tasked with relaying information about a person, business or organization with the general population. A significant portion of their job is orchestrating entire press campaigns, which requires the help of numerous people. PR managers have to be good at marketing, but networking is also extremely important.

Sales Representative

Ask any salesperson what the number one skill is in their professional and they’ll tell you the gift of gab. Sales representatives that can win people over and understand how to pitch a product or service can make a very lucrative living.

Restaurant Manager

Many people take their food seriously. Between mitigating customer complaints, making sure patrons are happy and keeping a whole crew of service workers on task, restaurant managers have to deal with multiple personality types all at once. Having an outgoing personality that builds relationships can make or break a business in the volatile restaurant industry.

Human Resources Specialists

As the job title suggests, human resources (HR) specialists must help manage staff on a daily basis while acting as a liaison between the employer and the employees. They are also usually the first person to conduct interviews and must help current employees with job training, benefits and more.


If you love public speaking in front of an audience this is the profession for you. Each semester educators at all levels have to build relationships with not one but dozens of students. Every day teachers are managing their classrooms, which means managing the all those different personality types. The job requires lots of communication, caring and understanding.

Physical Therapists/Occupational Therapists

Both of these professions require that you get up close and personal with people. Physical therapists and occupational therapists help people in rehab learn how to recover after injuries or illness that affects their physical capabilities. The process can be long and tedious, but day in and day these therapists use their outgoing personalities to keep patients focused on regaining mobility and remaining fully engaged in their daily life.


A recruiter’s job is entirely based upon meeting and building relationships with perfect strangers. Some recruiters work for a specific business or organization, like a branch of the military, while others help numerous businesses find ideal job candidates. They’re basically considered corporate world matchmakers. Recruiters need to fully understand the roles of a job, the skillset and personality that will best serve those roles and whether a person will fit a certain corporate culture. To make that happen, recruiters have to spend hours on the phone and in meetings utilizing their interpersonal skills.

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