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The best part about sending your kids to international schools during their primary or secondary years is the preparation that they will get for university. They will be tested and challenged constantly so that they can develop their academic skills. Of course, the environment could be rigorous and it may well put pressure on the kids to perform well, the international schools provide programs that will not push the students hard, rather, gradually introduce and help them develop their skills at their own pace.

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Cambridge IGCSE Programme

One of the ways to support these developments is through the Cambridge IGCSE Programme. For instance, One World International School, which has been dubbed as one of the best international schools in Singapore, has adapted the IGCSE Programme to better aid a student’s natural inquisitiveness and help them harbour a lasting passion for learning. This international qualifications exam is recognised by leading universities around the world and could be a gateway for your child to get the best university education in the future. Let us explore more about the Cambridge IGCSE Programme and its benefits in this article.

The goals of the Cambridge IGCSE Programme

Remember that an inquisitive mind will need help to develop an informed curiosity. We want our kids to constantly want to learn about the world and its people. Especially today when an open mind has become rather important, allowing our kids to experience collaborating with diverse backgrounds has become quite an imperative. And this is exactly the kind of environment that international schools are providing their students, with support from the Cambridge IGCSE goals, which are:

  • To be able to confidently work with their own formulated ideas and the willingness to listen and understand the ideas of other people
  • To be responsible for themselves and respectful of others
  • To develop their own learning scheme
  • To be ready for future challenges through creative innovation
  • To engage with others through intellectual discourses and be socially responsible people who are ready to make a difference

These are the kinds of students being produced by the IGCSE Programme; leaders who will one day champion values and ideals that will change the world for the better.

The Cambridge IGCSE qualification opens countless opportunities

Not only is the IGCSE recognised globally by leading universities, but it can also be an entry to some of the world’s biggest organisations or corporations. Apart from bearing the Cambridge name, the IGCSE certification is evidence that your kids have qualified for specific subjects and have passed them with flying colours. It shows competency and mastery – truly a powerful thing to have when they are transitioning from secondary school to university life, and into becoming world movers.

It is understandable to be intimidated when you look at an international school’s curricula, but you can be confident that their methods aim to provide kids a holistic education. This means that not only will your child go on to university ready to face academic pursuits, but they will also be empathetic humans beings armed with an open mind and a penchant for helping the society at large.

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