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  1. Venngage

Venngage is another beautiful and simple infographic tool which allows customers to create eye-catchy infographics in no time. You can create own charts, graphs, and infographics. It includes 100+ infographic templates with easy-to-follow steps without the help of a designer. Users recommend it to be the easiest infographics-tool available in the market. Just give it a try.

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Web scraping software

  1. Nimbus Web Inc

Delaware based company, Nimbus Web Inc has already served over three million happy users to capture and store information with a lot of ease – just add a chrome extension to the browser. It has three products – Nimbus Note, Nimbus Clipper, Nimbus Screenshot. With Nimbus Note, you can create and edit notes, save web pages, customize and also share the screenshots. Nimbus clipper allows you to capture text, images, or links from the internet. And Nimbus Screenshot captures whole browser window or a selected section.


  1. Mozenda

Based out of Utah, Mozenda is an amazing tool-to-have to easily collect data from the internet and use it. It is a web data extraction software, which helps startup businesses to pull information from the web to perform business analysis, figure out competitive pricing, and segment the market. It automatically identifies lists of data available on the web and pulls them into sheets.

Webinars/ online sessions

  1. Go-To-Meeting

Product of LogMeIn, Go-To-Meeting is widely used for webinars, and integrates high definition video conferencing, screen sharing, audio conferencing with a face-to-face collaboration. It i’s rated #1 in customer satisfaction and is used by over 16 million worldwide users per month and conducts 56 million online meetings a year. You can instantly join the meeting rooms on-the-go with the mobile app. You can also share up to 6 high definition videos per session with the HDFaces feature. Sending the invites for the session is easy as sending an email. The only negative is that it requires a high bandwidth which if you do not have, might affect the quality of the call.

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  1. WebEx

A Cisco product, WebEx is another video conferencing product based out of California. Since it is a part of Cisco, it is good for customers who are looking for broad functionality. WebEx has great interoperability where users can dial in using VoIP, a toll-free number or directly from their computer, this is helpful to interact with people who don’t have or use WebEx. You can record the meeting and share screen or application (instead of the whole screen).

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