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3 Subscription Services You Need to Know About

The subscription commerce niche within the e-commerce industry remains a small but highly lucrative area with lots of room for growth and improvement over the coming years. With more and more Americans looking for budget-friendly ways to indulge in luxuries, the subscription box trend is becoming increasingly viable.

The crux of it is the novelty. There is still no other way for people to receive a curated selection of high-quality products at a flat rate. Only subscription boxes offer brand new items every month, providing that much-needed dopamine rush reminiscent of childhood Christmases when the treasured loot crate arrives.

A very discerning demographic, millennials are loyal to brands, but they like to know what they’re getting into before they spend money on it. If you’re curious about joining the millions of individuals registered to subscription services right now, here are a few that you should definitely consider.

Magnolia Record Club.

A vinyl subscription service curated by indie folk recording artist Drew Holcomb and his wife Ellie, Magnolia Record Club is marketed towards the demographic who gravitates towards authenticity in music, preferring old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll and modern indie folk. Recent featured artists include folk musician Gregory Alan Isakov, indie girl band I’m With Her, and country crooner Chris Stapleton.

What makes Magnolia special is its ability to reach listeners across a wide spectrum. The service is intended to help music fans build their vinyl collection, but it is also popular amongst veteran collectors who are simply hoping to discover a lot of great new independent folk and rock music being made in the 2010s.

That means that a subscription to Magnolia makes a perfect gift for twenty-something music fans and their jaded parents who are convinced the last good record was made in 1972. Just like getting a backstage pass to a great concert, Magnolia opens the door wide to make music accessible for true fans of all ages.

Moustache Coffee Club.

If you can function without your morning cup of coffee, you’re doing better than the 44% of American millennials who are single-handedly driving the coffee industry. While other industries are suffering due to the current state of the economy, coffee sales have never been higher.

Whether you’ve grown tired of fighting for the good seating next to the electrical outlet at your favourite local work-from-home hang or you’ve chosen to cut your daily $5 flat white from your budget, making coffee at home is a lot more fun if you get the chance to try a whole bunch of new blends. Get on board by signing up for the super-popular Moustache Coffee Club, which offers monthly hand-picked selections of some of the world’s best blends, including award-winning ethically sourced offerings from Guatemala.

Moustache, which was founded in 2013 after the owner failed to locate a fresh bag of high-quality beans in the entire city of Los Angeles, is currently the world’s premier coffee subscription service. They deliver to 60 countries and offer members-only benefits such as limited tasting opportunities and the chance to order more stock if you happen to fall in love with a particular blend.


One of the premier subscription services to appear on the market in the very early years of the craze, Birchbox is the beauty lover’s dream come true. Offering monthly shipments of women’s makeup, hair, and skincare samples right to your doorstep, Birchbox kits are tailor-made for the modern working woman and keeps you up to date on all the best beauty brands, including Ouai, Smashbox, and MAC.

Not only is Birchbox wildly popular in the YouTube beauty guru community, it’s also become a popular website to go to for beauty hacks. “The Mag” section of the site includes guest blog posts from beauty experts that enable subscribers to put their products to use in the most effective way and shine in their best light.

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