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If you are getting ready to apply to a college prep boarding school, you can expect to have an interview with the admission team of the school you are hoping to get into.

Interviews are a regular part of the application process and give the staff a good indication of what kind of personality you have.

It can also help the admissions staff determine whether you are a good match for their school.

Each interview a student encounters while trying to get into boarding school is different.  However, all boarding schools rely on some common interview questions on to get the information they need decide enrollment.

Questions You’ll Likely Hear At Your Boarding School Interview

Let’s look at some of those interview questions so you can prepare for what is sometimes the most nerve-wracking portion of the application process.

1. Why do you Want to Attend Boarding School?

It’s important you understand why you want to attend a boarding school.  And no, it cannot be because your parents are making you.

Make sure you want to attend such a rigorous institution and have a few reasons for wanting to.  For example, maybe you are interested in the performing arts program or the athletics.

2. What is your Favorite School Subject?

There is no denying that boarding schools offer a wide range of school subjects and hope to allow students to master them all.  The admission staff wants to know what you like.  It’s okay for you to have a subject you don’t necessarily like.  After all, no one loves everything.

But it’s also essential you be able to recognize what subjects you are best at, which ones you like, which ones you struggle with, and which ones you don’t like.

3. What Sports do you Play?

You may have never played a sport in your life.  And that’s okay!  Part of the appeal of going to boarding school is expanding your horizons and learning new skills both in the classroom and out.

Many boarding schools require their students to play at least one intramural sport.  You don’t have to be a professional.  In fact, most boarding schools have several teams split into skill levels so learning a sport is more fun than stressful.

Being involved in sports helps you release stress, make healthier choices, learn teamwork and coordination, and be proud of something.

4. What do you Want to be when you Grow up?

The admission staff wants to know what your aspirations are.  And, while it’s important to have dreams, it’s also okay to have no idea what you want to be when you grow up.  The point is being able to communicate this with the interviewers.

Boarding school is a great place for you to examine what you want out of life.  You will be exposed to a variety of school subjects and cultures.  You’ll grow as a person, become an independent thinker, and as you progress through school, you’ll be able to figure out what you want out of life.

5. How would your Friends and Family Describe you?

Being able to think critically about yourself is not always easy.  That’s why looking at it from the perspective of others is helpful.

The interviewers want to know how you think others see you from the outside.  They also want to make sure you’ll be able to move away from those closest to them and thrive, despite the potential homesickness.

And there you have it!  Some of the most common questions you can expect to hear during your boarding school interview.

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