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In the recent past, Cyprus has become one of the most popular destinations to start LTF companies. Numerous binary options and forex brokerage companies saw the perfect opportunity to start a business on Cyprus, as benefits of this Mediterranean island

Working in the travel industry is what a large number of people find falling in love with being one of the biggest and ever-changing sectors. Rather than knowing and enjoying many parts of the world, it is a chance that

Every startup is on a constant lookout for possibilities to kickstart its way to success. Some choose to make an app, sell e-books or open an online store, but those who follow the latest trends know that marketplaces are a

Creating a personal brand regardless of your profession can certainly seem like a daunting task. Admittedly, it is not easy and we’re not going to pretend it is. But we’re here to guide you through some of the basic steps

If you are like most startups it is highly likely that you are strategizing on how to make it big on social media. Of course social media has become an integral part of modern business marketing with 2.5 billion users

The level of stress in the general population has shown to be on a steady rise. Medically, stress can be defined as a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from difficult circumstances. The circumstances here can be related to

Some careers are better suited for certain personality types than others. Each profession requires its own training, education and experience for success, but having an outgoing personality can help you get much further if you choose one of the following

There are many different factors that impact on a business and its relationship with its audience, but branding is certainly a major aspect. A company’s brand is more than just its logo, the colors it uses or its language; a

Fixed Deposits schemes are one of the most common and trusted investments most people in India opt for. These financial instruments have a higher rate of interest than your regular savings account, until the predetermined date of maturity. These high

A wide variety of corporate events take place from time to time. For instance, annual general meeting, a seminar of the company, conference conducted by the firm, product launch of the organization, annual trip for employees, etc. It is no

If you are in the manufacturing business of good which require chemicals as the base raw material, looking out for the best supplier will be very essential. Not all chemicals will be easily accessible and available all the time. You

If you think that moving an entire office that has been setup with efforts and patience is easy then you need to rain check. It is the most overwhelming situation, especially for the businessman. There will be areas that have