Once you send in all of your college applications you get a brief break from needing to worry about the next year, but once the admissions letters start coming in, you’ve got a lot more work on your hands. It

The transition from high school life to college life is very intense for a lot of people and knowing how to ease that transition is essential if you want to make the most of your college years. The truth of

Before you start applying for graduate schools, you want to know what you’re looking for from your experience of earning your masters. Are you looking for a highly competitive school that only takes the best in their field, or are

After finishing your undergraduate degree, you may have a better idea of how you want to approach the challenge of finding the right graduate program. No matter how much you did or didn’t enjoy your experience with earning your bachelor’s

Saving up for college isn’t always easy for parents, which is why the 529 plan was created in the first place. This is a plan specifically designed to help individuals save for their children’s college expenses. These are normally operated

Once you start receiving letters from all the colleges you’ve applied to, you will find that the first sentence or two is all that you’re really interested in reading at first. If you weren’t accepted, then there’s really nothing else

If you play a certain sport and you are very talented at playing, you may be scouted by a college sports team. Indeed, there are colleges all over the country that are looking for the next college basketball star, football

In college, you’ll learn the academic basics of a certain industry, but most of your learning will happen on the field. In order to get to that point, though, you’ll need to do a heavy dose of networking. Sure, you’ll

If you are a new parent, you want to start thinking about your child’s college tuition. Sure, your son or daughter may only be a day old, and you may just be getting used to parenthood, but it is critical

Networking is a very important skill to learn while you’re in college, and if you learn how to do it well you can really open a lot of doors for yourself. When you are looking for internships, jobs, partnerships and

College visits. That exciting time when a high school graduate travels from campus to campus to take a good long look at the potential institutions where he or she will spend the next four years of their life. The process

It’s that time of year. High school graduates are starting to make their decisions for college and that means campus visits to all of the potential schools in the Fall. Don’t underestimate the importance of these visits as they are