Codes are essential for modern websites. Today, websites can’t just be equipped with simple HTML codes and content. Codes are essential if we want to add multiple functions. In this case, developers should know about the interface of the website.

The explosive growth of the World Wide Web is responsible for the whole information, business and social landscapes of the society. It is now possible to do business internationally from the small corner of our house. However, there are multiple

Elements Of Great RPG

Role playing games or RPGs are an interesting niche in the gaming industry. It is a more immersive kind of game playing than arcade or action games. There are heroes, villains, drama, epic battles and great storylines with their own

Understanding Ajax

Ajax is one of the more important web technologies and it could benefit our web development projects. It first appeared on 1998, but the name Ajax was coined in early 2005. Ajax is essentially Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Until today,

When we have completed the design and development process, our website should be ready to go love. Our goal is to make sure that the website is indexed as quickly as possible by search engines. However, ensuring all of our