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When we have completed the design and development process, our website should be ready to go love. Our goal is to make sure that the website is indexed as quickly as possible by search engines. However, ensuring all of our pages get indexed can be quite stressful. There are methods that can make sure that all of our recently published content is immediately indexed by Google. It doesn’t take a high ranking website to make sure that crawlers visit it regularly. Here are tips that we can implement to our new website, to make sure that it is listed by popular search engines, including Google:

Use Webmaster Tools

After our website is fully published, we could open the Google Webmaster Tools and we can submit our sitemap. This simple step makes sure that Google knows that our website is available for crawling.

7 Ways To Make Sure That Our Website Is Indexed Quickly

Google Analytics

It is a free tool that Google provides for website owner. Google Analytics is used to effectively track users in our website. Once we register our website to Google Analytics, we will need to inserts JavaScript code into our website that helps with the tracking task.

Make a sitemap

We shouldn’t underestimate the essence of sitemap in our website. Sitemap is based on XML code and it is essentially a structure of our website. After submitting the sitemap to Google, we could be placed it at the footer of our website to make sure bots crawl all parts of our website. We need to make sure that the sitemap is regularly and automatically updated. It means that each time we add, move or remove a webpage; the sitemap is updated immediately.

Submit RSS feed

Not many people still read RSS feed, but submitting our RSS feed still provides a way for search engines bots to crawl our website. We could use pingomatic or other services to notify social bookmarking services that our blog has been updated. WordPress and some other CMS ping automatically each time we click the Publish button.

Use social bookmarking website

Social bookmarking website can’t provide us with meaningful inbound links, but they may ensure that our webpages are indexed quickly. These services have a significant influence on whether pages are indexed quickly. Technorati, Twitter, Digg and Newsvine are popular social bookmarking websites that we can use.

Post in forums

In order to do this, we should be active in a forum that has similar niche with our website. We could add links of latest webpages in the signature sections or we could simply post links in the forums. When we do this, it is important to make sure that members of the forums feel excited with content that we provide in our website.

Use social networking website

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can’t provide us with good inbound links. However, links that we put in posts, tweets and video descriptions will make sure that our content can be indexed quickly. Search engines also crawl social networking website, especially Google’s own YouTube video pages.

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