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The recent volatility in the market and the sharp decline in stock values seem to signal the inevitable end of the bull market run that traditionally marks the start of a bear market. While experts are inclined to believe that

Remote work is on the rise. Now more than ever, people are working from home, and while remote work can be good for mental health in many ways, the lax schedules and lack of business meetings can lead to a

Are Bank Checks Free?

Not too long ago, most business and personal transactions involved the use of checks. People needed these items to pay for products or services. A check is nothing more than an order written by hand on a specially printed paper

One of the important things to know if you run a business is how strong it is, from day to day. You can measure it’s strength in all sorts of ways, some specific to different businesses (footfall is an important,

Cryptocurrency trading burst onto the scene with the introduction of bitcoin in 2009 and the plethora of other contenders that followed suit soon thereafter. Cryptocurrencies have sparked endless debates among friends and financial analysts alike. Everyone is wondering the same

Email marketing consists in using electronic mail to communicate with prospects and current customers. Currently, there are three times as many email accounts than Facebook and Twitter accounts; therefore, the audience is large. However, for the marketing strategy to be successful,

Are you familiar with the term parking lot fair? It’s every fundraiser’s best friend: the carnival held in your own parking lot. If a business, church, fire station, or nonprofit is trying to raise awareness or extra funds, they typically

Investing By Industry

Investing in stocks can be a tricky business. The goal, of course, is to find stocks to buy low and then hold onto them as they grow in value, later selling them for a profit. But if it were easy

Growing up, you automatically looked up to people older than you. In elementary school, you couldn’t wait to be a cool high schooler. Then in high school, you admired the college students who seemed so mature. And by the end

Running a business means being a decision maker. Whatever industry you set out to dominate, your main asset isn’t actually your expertise in this niche, it’s your ability to make the quick, effective decisions that drive success for your business.

TYou can probably think of more than one time you received a present you didn’t need or want. Maybe you have a closet full of clothes you don’t know what to do with or you just updated your home decorations

There are so many challenges associated with running an ecommerce business. That is why companies are encouraged to use every advantage and tool that is available to them. One of those tools that companies can incorporate in a seamless and