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Modern-day strategies like social media are a must-have in today’s connected world, but what about other, less well-known methods?

Traditional, Tried and True

Even professionals in the marketing industry like Mark Crumpacker know the value of old-fashioned marketing methods. Digital ads spread the online word, though don’t disregard traditional tactics.

  • If you’re trying to appeal to a wider age bracket, buy ad space in your local newspaper. You might be surprised how much traffic that a $100 newspaper ad can drive.
  • If you have the funds, sites like Vistaprint have affordable options for fliers, business cards and brochures. Ask your friends who also run small businesses if you can post fliers in their windows and on their bulletin boards.
  • Here’s a surprising technique: Use sidewalk chalk to promote your business in urban areas. Choose vibrant colors to grab the attention of passerby with your company name and website listed. Get as creative as you want to really make your drawing stand out!

Work with the Numbers

Everyone loves a good statistic, and they love seeing that statistic presented in a shiny, original way. Use interesting data you’ve collected about your company like the number of units sold in comparison to a competitor; customers served and the ratio of customer happiness; or even silly things like what color of an item your customers are most likely to buy. Compile them in creative techniques and display where clients will easily see them.

  • Infographics are a hot marketing trend right now. They are user-friendly: Colorful and attention-grabbing, they present a lot of information in an engaging way.
  • Lists — or more specifically, Top 10 lists. Think about any blog you’ve visited recently. There was a Top 10 list of some kind, wasn’t there? Use this feature to your advantage when selling your business to customers.
  • Pie charts might make you think of seventh-grade algebra, but they go hand-in-hand with infographics in the way that clients like to see data presented in easy-to-understand ways.

Pop Culture References

Thanks to the internet, pop culture’s influence has touched all ages, all over the world. Movies, books and games that were once reserved for a younger audience now have loud and proud fans worldwide, of all ages. Use a mix of pop culture trends to market your business.

  • Memes are more than cats and cheeseburgers nowadays. With websites like Make a Meme, you can customize the text for any image you want. Who wouldn’t want Doge promoting their business?
  • If there’s a product you love like a brand of coffee or a certain kind of shoes, reach out and see if you can partner with the company to reference it on your website.
  • What TV show are you currently obsessed with? There’s a good chance that some of your potential clients are too. Incorporate it into your business somehow; for example, you might have a Big Bang Theory-themed drink at your cafe, or sell a product named after Chandler Bing. Use your imagination!

You know that your business is the best of its kind, so prove it to the world. Using effective marketing strategies can drive customers in and boost sales — all the better for you and your company.

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