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Are you fond of games? Psychology shows that video games have some cognitive benefits. They help develop logic literary, executive and also social skills. The ability to move items rapidly while storing a lot of information helps to improve intelligence with time.

Swords and potion 2 does exactly that. Typically, it resembles a Sim City or a Facebook game. It is an excellent game for one to improve management skills. It is a simulation game that where you take the role of a businessman with a shop. Your dreams are to become the most powerful shop owner. The shop specializes in handcrafted weapons and secret magical elixirs i.e. immortality. Your role as a manager is exciting and may be addictive.

A Quick Insight Into Swords and Potions 2

Where It All Begins

As a new player, you’ll start as an owner of a small shop. Obviously, as a beginner, you have a few resources and things to sell. Your mission is to build your store and town to rival other large marketplaces on the land. Following are ways to do this:

You make items to sell to customers and also innovate.

You’ll need to hire a specialized team of workers

You upgrade your shop to improve not only your stock of resources but also your salesmanship.

Send Adventurers To Quest

For adventurers visiting your store, you’ll need to send them on a quest. That will help to make them higher level customers by upgrading. In turn, they will give resources to open more advanced buildings faster.  Only then can you sell them expensive products to them.

The game is set in such a way that other real players may have the same goal, but there is no way you can interfere with their affairs.

You’ll discover that cities are not equal. Therefore, you can decide to move to a city where there is plenty of resources. However, the experience is better if you move through all the stages to prove your management skills.

Various buildings produce resources e.g. a forest, trader, a mine, fabric mill, etc. As a businessman, you can only hold a given amount. You may feel that this slows down your progress, and you are free to pay real cash to speed up the movement.

Craft Your More Items For More Points

As a shopkeeper, you can upgrade the furniture in your shop. Of course, you use some of them for storage of your resources. You can make your furniture carry more items by upgrading them. In case you craft or other items and gold, then it earns you extra points (XP). Moreover, you stand a chance to get double crafted items, while others increase your shop’s fame. That will, in turn, attract more customers.

Crafting more advanced items will require you to do significant upgrades, which takes days. Also, you can increase the size of your shop and revamp floors and walls. But that can prove to be very expensive.

Non-player characters (NPCs) visit your shop demanding particular items. Or they will at times come with items to sell to you. You have two options here: sell outright or suggest another item. Of course suggesting an alternative may not convince them. For example, you could suggest to a guard seeking a dolphin shield to take a buy a wooden shield in case you do not have it.

 Although it rarely works, you may also tell them to wait until you craft it.  That is because the customer may be in a hurry and or the time to close shop arrives. A better tactic would be to send them on a quest. Failure to sell something to a customer lowers then the likelihood of ever again visiting your store. If this happens repeatedly, it’ll reduce the number of visitors to your shop with time.

How Quest Works

Each of the quest has a level and three possible rewards. So for more rewards, you must send more adventurers on quest. However, quests consume a lot of time. As a result, you may consider taking a break from the game and resume later. More gears, quests and gold, will enable you to get great crafting materials.

 There are events you can take part in. To participate, you’ll need to craft some items, which may take a long time. As such, you have to buy them with real money or through the auction house. To be part of the auction house, you need real cash. This may not be ideal for those looking for free things.

It reaches certain levels where you have to recruit more artisans. And to do this, you need to unlock artisan slots.  You have to be very patient to wait till level 40 to get the third artisan. That would take a long time. However, if you don’t want to pay real money, you may need to wait.

But there is a way out. There are 15 different artisans each with 30-60 recipes to learn. If you build items often, more recipes unlock and then you can build more and more. After unlocking everything is when you return them to the tavern. Then from there, you can hire a new artisan. Be sure to exercise caution when making choices. You may pick an item that takes time to move, and that may constrain your resources.

Elite Member Packages

Some of the premium packages are somewhat expensive. Imagine five cogs, which is what they require you to unlock a new worker slot is $20. On the other hand, you can get more hammers very cheaply. To speed up your progress, access auction house, fix any broken items, or get more quests, you have to spend premium items. The Elite membership gives you access to 4 quests at a go and other items. The premium items they offer for such prices are way too costly.

Swords and potions 2 is a game that everyone adores. Everything is designed nicely to give users a great experience. Though they always remind you to upgrade to gain access to certain premium packages, it is not that aggressive. Besides, you can play free of charge, but that would take an eternity to move through all the levels. There is enough choice for everyone.

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