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Getting the best out of rehab can be a bit of a challenging task. Not only is recovery in and of itself a long and arduous journey, but there also lies the danger that you could find yourself a facility that fails to properly treat its patients, or one that doesn’t work best for you and your loved ones.

If you’re looking for a rehab center for yourself or your partner, the first thing you’ll need is a little patience, which can be hard to come by. Before you step into a rehab center’s front lobby and put your name down on one of their forms, you’ll want to consider a few tips and questions first.


Why Do You Need Rehab?

The first and most difficult thing to face is the truth. In this case, the truth needs to come from the addict. If you’ve identified alcoholism in someone you love, forcing them into rehab won’t fix the problem, because they haven’t acknowledged yet that they have one. Alcoholism is all too common. Even among teens, over half a million underage Americans have a drinking problem, according to the National Institute of Health. It takes concrete conversation and more than an ultimatum to make someone realize that their personal choices are also causing pain and heartbreak to others around them.

Realizing the effect they’re having on others is one of the first steps to realizing they have a problem. Thus, they can decide for themselves that they do really need to get into rehab in order to quit.

Once you – or your loved one – are sure that you really are ready to get some professional help, it’s time to get out there and get it. They definitely need it, even if too many decide that they don’t. According to, 2009 figures show that only about a tenth of people with self-admitted drug problems checked into rehab.

Getting Sober Hurts

Rehab is no walk in the park, neither emotionally nor medically. It’s a painful recovery process that involves tackling the withdrawal symptoms that come alongside a physical dependency on alcohol. Withdrawal is very, very painful. As per WebMD, it’s potentially life-threatening.

In order to successfully survive the withdrawal period and prevent a relapse, a rehab center needs to be properly equipped to cut you out of reality and allow you to recover, recuperate, and exist within a bubble. It’s for that very reason that you need to make sure that, whether you’re signing yourself in or looking for a rehab center for someone else, you get yourself the best Tucson alcohol rehab you can.

Reputable centers like the River Source set themselves apart based on a better reputation. By sorting and sifting through centers based on what others have said about them, you’ll have a much easier time figuring out where you’ll want to recover from your addiction.

Finding the Right Rehab Center

Finding an adequate rehab center for your loved one can be a difficult task, but a good place to start would be your own state’s directory for accredited rehab programs. In order to truly be a rehab program, certain rigorous standards need to be met to weed out illegitimate practices.

Most successful rehab programs speak of their own success with empirical data, from case studies to documented success rates and more. Finally, finding a rehab center with a large infrastructure to help support recovering addicts even after they’ve completed their program is a sign of a center that truly cares.

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