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Although the small sized cumin seeds may seem normal seeds to you, but in India cumin seeds are staple and used in almost every curry and dry recipes. It has a nutty peppery flavor contains numerous health benefits. Cumin seeds India help in enhancing digestion, treat insomnia, and improve your sex life. This healthiest food product has so many health benefits that you cannot resist to include it in your routine diet.

Cumin Seeds Are World’s Healthiest Food Products
Thymol and other essential oil help enhance digestive system

Thymol and other essential oil in cumin seeds help stimulate the salivary glands, which improve digestion. Even if your digestive tract has some trouble, cumin seeds will fix it soon. You can take jeera drink to treat indigestion. You can even eat jeera and banana to reduce weight.

How to make jeera tea?

Just boil water and add a teaspoon of jeera seeds or cumin seeds and let it boil. Once the clear water turns to brown, switch off the gas and let it steep for few minutes. Let it cool at room temperature and drink.

Cancer treating food

As per the studies made by the Cancer Research lab in USA, jeera can help fight against cancer. It has active compound i.e. cuminaldehyde that helps in retarding the tumour growth. This anti-cancer property is related to kala jeera.

Tip- you can include jeera in your daily diet by adding a pinch of it to your dal as seasoning. You can even sprinkle cumin seeds on gravy to avail its benefits.

Cumin Seeds A Powerful Memory Booster

Regulate blood pressure and heart rate

As cumin seeds are rich source of potassium, it helps maintain the electrolyte balance in human body. This food product is a true blessing for heart patients. It doesn’t only help in regulating cell production but also maintain heart rate and blood pressure.

Tip- A glass of jeera water in early morning on empty stomach can help in controlling blood pressure levels.

Treat anemia

Per 100 grams of jeera has 11.7 mg of iron. Iron is a major component that affects the hemoglobin level. This is why most anemic patients take jeera drinks to treat anemia.

Tip- you can add some cumin seeds to your roti, curries, rice and other everyday meals.

Good in pregnancy

As it treats constipation and enhancing digestion, pregnant women can rely on cumin seeds to treat nausea and constipation.

Tip- If you are pregnant, you can take a spoon of jeera powder and mix it with honey and consume it twice a day.

Exporters of cumin seeds in India are selling their premium range to rest of the world. You can find different qualities at one store.

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