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It’s not easy to come up with clever solutions to alter the interior of the residence. Getting a new set of curtains is not a bad thought, but it wouldn’t change the room’s looks radically. Placing the sofas and tables differently is a good idea, but it will still not make a huge difference. It’s important to find more revolutionary alternatives without spending a fortune.

Placing wainscots on the walls is a great solution. Some people are not familiar with the word “wainscoting”, but mostly with the term “beadboards” which is basically the same thing. What’s important is that wainscotings can help you make radical changes since they transform your drywalls. Don’t forget that they take up the biggest part of the place and should be eye-catching.

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Can you visualize a plain drywall covered with a beadboard and the part above the wainscoting painted in a shade to fit your interior? The panel can make a huge difference and you won’t have to spend a lot because wainscotings are not expensive.

The Great Advantages of Wainscoting Panels

Are you interested in transforming your home into a doll-house? It’s possible. Choose wainscots. There is a good explanation why many homeowners place wainscotings in the living room, bedroom or bathroom. They are ideal for modern homes as they were great in older ones.

What’s great about wainscots is that they add elegance. A beadboard can also hide parts of the wall which are destroyed. Wainscotings reflect your personal aesthetics and this is vital.

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Wainscotings can be installed in every part of the house. They are excellent interior design solutions for the living room and will also improve the looks of your bedroom. They are inexpensive. The average cost is $8 / square feet.

You can pick among several wainscoting profiles, widths and patterns. The most common ones are wood wainscotings and you can also tint them. You can get simple wainscots, average 1/3 size or raised panels, or beadboards and match them with chair rails and baseboards.

Colors are important. It’s best to paint the wall above the wainscot in a shade contrasting the panel or get wallpapers. The house will be more interesting if you dress each room with a different wainscoting design.

Efficient House Improvements With Wainscotings

Technical Solutions to Make your Walls More Charming

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had some advice regarding technical issues? The height is the number one issue. It’s essential to know which size wainscotings to choose. The height of the ceiling is the prime determinant.

To avoid lowering the roof, especially if it’s not tall,choose 1/3 wainscotings! Regardless of your chairs’ height, the chair rail should be positioned at about 30 inches above the floor. You can cover some walls with raised wainscotings, but don’t install them in every single room. They will make the house too busy!

Pay Attention to the Wainscoting Material You Choose

It’s essential to select the right wainscoting materials in order to spend less, enjoy the panels for a longer time and make their cleaning an easy task. Check out your options:

Efficient House Improvements With Wainscotings

Wainscots Made of Wood

Wood is very classy, but it doesn’t come cheap and demands careful cleaning. The choices range among oak, walnut, cherry, and pine wood. The right installation of the panel is important. Improper installation will make wood crack and you will eventually find gaps caused by the temperature changes from one season to the other.

MDF Panels

If you want the wood feeling but more inexpensive solutions, this is the material you should get. Wainscotings made of MDF last longer because they don’t dent and chip, and their maintenance is easy.

A small note: Avoid installing MDF wainscoting in high moisture rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms, because they will swallow and soon need replacement. For these areas, choose moisture proof mdf panels.

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Plywood Wainscoting

It’s the cheapest solution and does resemble wooden wainscotings. Plywood panel installation is easy, but the material is not very durable.

Wainscoting Made of Plastic

A plastic wainscot is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens and lasts long. It’s durable and water-resistant and so it won’t give you any problems.

Make a Statement by Choosing the Right Colors

Choose the right colors for the remaining portion of the wall. If you install a white wainscot and wish to give the impression of purity, select soft colors for the drywall. That’s can be a splendid solution for your rooms.

Efficient House Improvements With Wainscotings

You can select brighter shades for a couple of walls in other rooms, like the kitchen or dining room. A beadboard will also make a statement if installed along the stairs. In case of rounded corners, select elastic materials.

When wainscots are installed and the walls are painted, you can hang new curtains and make new furniture arrangements. And that will be it! Your house will be completely refreshed!

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