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India is an amazing land with variety of colors in its air because different festivals and celebrations keep it alive. Every season has its set of festival and each one of them are equally important to our life. As India is home to multi religions, the number of festivals are many thus providing us ample opportunities to rejoice lovely moments with our loved ones. Life is synonymous to festival in our country and that’s why we are still one of the happiest people on earth in spite of various internal differences. Among all type of festivals, it’s the religious festivals that outnumber all other type of festivals.

Life Itself Is A Festival

All our religious festivals are lavish in nature and we love spending a huge amount on them every year. Dusshera, eid, ramzan, Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Mahavir Jayanti, Buddha Poornima, etc. are some of the notable religious festivals which allows us to cut away from the monotony of daily lives and create a cultural harmony among our people. These type of festivals generally include worshipping a certain deity followed by fasting for the same deity.

Participating in organizing of these kinds of festivals also gives us abundant chance to build our social relations with other people. It also fosters the growth of moral and ethical values in us. Because in our daily routine life, we hardly get any chance to know stories of other people and mix with them. Through these festivals one gets an insight into others’ world which helps us start a new friendship.

Life Itself Is A Festival

One such important festival of our country is Raksha Bandhan that signifies the eternal bond of a brother and a sister. We are entwined into so many blood relations but only this relationship is celebrated with pomp and pleasure. The grandeur with which it is held is worth mentioning. And the most important factor is the attachment that a brother has with his sister is inexplicable. No, matter wherever she is, a sister would try every bit to get to her brother on this holy day and tie the knot on his wrist. Brothers seated away can shop for rakhi gifts online and send them to your sisters because she is special to you in every way. Sisters residing away from India, send rakhi to India because as long as she is alive she will try everything to be close to her brother and make him feel loved and blessed on this day.

Like the festival of rakhi, rest of the festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, Holi, etc. are equally celebrated among friends and family and with great enthusiasm. Each and every family member, no matter wherever they are, try to get together in their native land because celebration holds no meaning without the presence of the loved ones.

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