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As the name suggests, a gun safe is a place where you can keep one or more of your guns and also the ammunition for them safe. These safes are designed to keep one firearm or more as per the requirement of the customer. There is also space to keep all the bullets in the safe so that they are safe from possible misuse. Guns are dangerous things if they are not handled properly, and therefore they need to be kept in a place where small children or thieves and burglars can’t reach them and use them. Most gun safes are made to keep the guns safe from water as well as fire so that in the case of emergencies the guns should not be damaged. These gun safes can also be used for keeping your other valuables like important documents, valuable jewelry etc. safe.

Cannon gun safes are considered as one of the best gun safes on the market because they are in the field of making safes for quite long time. The gun safes by Cannon have been preferred by the customers because for the fusion of traditional safes with the modern safety mechanisms like electronic locks and also for the fire resistant capacity of these safes. There are gun safes from cannon suitable for all types of requirements regarding capacity and security levels. Therefore today we are going to see which of the Cannon gun safes are called the best in the year 2016.

  • Cannon Safe P40HR-H1TEC-13 Patriot Series Safe

Cannon Safe P40HR-H1TEC-13 Patriot Series Safe

This is one of the largest gun safes from Cannon as it can contain up to 80 guns and its ammunition quite comfortably. For those people who have a large number of guns in their possession, this is the best option. There are many adjustable wooden shelves in this safe so that you can keep the guns in neat order and the inner pockets provided in the safe can be used for keeping the ammunition. This safe can hold its own in the fire for up to 60 minutes and it is made to hold itself till the temperature is up to 1200 F. It means that even in the case of emergencies you will have time to take the safe out and keep your guns as well as valuables safe. It also has the facilities of power outlets and connecting USB etc.

  • Best Cannon Mid-Range Gun Safe – Cannon Safe CA23 Deluxe Gun Safe

This gun safe is a bit smaller as compared to the above-mentioned safe because it can contain up to 24 firearms. However, it has better-designed shelves as well the connectivity to power and also the power to resist the fire in case of emergencies. The safe is made of very thick steel and therefore offers better security and the lock area of this safe is protected by the triple hard plate. It means that your guns are very safe in this gun safe. This safe also has the facility of connectivity with power outlets and USB for better safety and security.

  • Stack-On SS-16-MB-E 16 Gun Security Safe

If you are looking for a small gun safe within a modest budget, then this is perfect for you. Its adjustable interior can contain 16 guns and the electronic lock means that it has a serious difficulty level as far as theft is concerned.  The shelves can be rearranged for keeping your guns in a better order inside the safe. Additional deadbolts offer an extra layer of security to your guns and valuables and at only for $ 450, it has the perfect balance of quality and affordability.

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