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Available in different colors, textures, or specifications, Porcelain tiles India are just wonderful option to consider to decor your home. It can be installed in your backyard, bathroom, kitchen, or garden area etc. They are just symbol of elegance and ageless. However, with passage of time, dirt and abrasion can make tiles ugly.

Here, you need to clean or maintain tiles on regular time intervals. Different porcelain tiles exporters India give different recommendations to clean tiles. In this article, we will discuss some of popular idea for tile maintenance and cleaning. You just have to decide on the right idea that suits you most.

Maintenance Tips For Polished And Unpolished Porcelain Tiles India

Facts about Porcelain tiles India

Porcelain tiles are popular from decades due to its shining, finishing and eye catching surface. They are also durable and its finishing lasts for longer. The only problem is that shining surface may get dirty quickly as soon as it comes in contact with dirt or debris. If you will scratch the surface then they are clearly visible after cleaning the tiles. The only solution is to use professional cleaning techniques or tools as suggested by the experts.

First of all, you should use soft bristle brush so that surface should not get damaged at all. Now wash the floor with swirling water and protect against dirt as needed. With a short time span only, you will get shiny glazy surface as earlier.

Unpolished Porcelain tiles India maintenance considerations

Unpolished surface don’t need so much maintenance considerations as polished surface do. Unpolished surface is highly porous and they don’t shine like polished tiles. It may be little bit complex to clean unpolished tiles due to rough surface. First of all, clean the loose debris then saturate the dirt with homemade cleanser for more than five minutes.

Once dirt will get loose down, scrub it properly through soft bristle brush and clean with fresh water. Unpolished tiles are highly vulnerable to stain and it should be installed in high traffic areas. Also, they should not used in areas having pets or children.

Cleanser with harsh chemicals should always be used in mild versions. Heavy dose may spoil color of tiles or it may damage overall texture of tiles. Little carelessness may cause permanent damage to tiles and its shining surface. Never use wax, sealant oil – based cleansers that have large tendency to discolor tiles having thin films over it. You may even slip on the floor especially when it is wet.

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