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While exercise and healthy eating can help the average person cut fat and gain muscle, what if you want to go beyond traditional training regimens and push yourself to your physical peak? It can be confusing to find the best workout to achieve your goals, but if you want to get into ultimate shape, you need the ultimate conditioning workout.

While some coaches and personal trainers recommend specific exercises, weights, and reps, these workouts need to be tailored by body type, goals, and eating habits. Finding a workout that can help everyone reach their fitness goals easily requires a consistent, full body regimen, like martial arts or a Krav Maga self defense program.

What is Krav Maga?

The Ultimate Workout: Conditioning and Strength

Krav Maga was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld as a way for the residents of his small town to protect themselves from gangs and violence. Later, when Imi immigrated to Israel, he developed it as a combat training program for the Israeli military. It was then embraced by other military and law enforcement agencies before taking the fitness world by storm.

Using a no-nonsense approach, Krav Maga blends extreme physical workouts with muscle memory techniques and mental fortitude exercises to help you withstand any physical challenge you are confronted with.

The popularity of Krav Maga is based on its combined mind and body training, as well as its requirement that you push your body to the limit. Defense, strikes, and controlled contact drills are all critical parts of Krav Maga—when combined, they ensure a complete workout that engages every single part of your body.

Krav Maga Basics That Help You Improve

At its most basic level, Krav Maga is all about building yourself up physically, so you can execute quick and brutal grabs, blocks, and punches to effectively disable an enemy. Putting yourself in a combative mindset is a core concept of Krav Maga, but you will also work to mold your body into a lean fighting machine.

Fighting is among the most physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing activities a person can experience. Consistently working your body and mind through fighting will help you develop your body to its peak. Just the basic elements of Krav Maga are designed to be as physically and mentally taxing as possible.

Levels of Krav Maga

While Krav Maga can help anyone get into shape, there are several levels and programs that are tailored to fit your goals. Basic classes start by focusing on stances and movements that promote flexibility so you can deliver punches, kicks, and takedowns from any position—whether you are standing, sitting, or lying on the ground. Classes with greater intensity are designed for people working to fight multiple targets at once. Beginners to toning the body in this way should start in lower level classes and build their muscle strength and cardio before moving on to higher level classes.

Varying levels focus on similar skills at different levels. Once you’ve honed your body to withstand the intensity of a fight, you’ve experienced the only program that will give you greater strength, agility, and mental focus.

Combining Tactics

The Ultimate Workout: Conditioning and Strength

Everyone has experienced a plateau: the state where your body is no longer getting stronger and improving. A plateau is often reached when you perform the same routine for too long. To combat this, many Krav Maga training classes incorporate different parts of your body, so you work all of your muscles every time you exercise.

Krav Maga also focuses on coordination exercises so your body can work effectively as a single unit. It takes the natural movements you already perform and combines them with more traditional workouts, resulting in consistent growth and improvement.

Getting Involved with Krav Maga

If you are looking for greater mobility, focus, and coordination, you need to find a routine that pushes you further and focuses on more than just gaining muscle mass. Finding the balance between lifting weights, cardio, and equipment exercises is important when you’re trying to design the optimal conditioning program. Krav Maga is a system that creates this combination for you and offers you a wide variety levels and training that are appropriate for everyone. If you’ve been looking for the ultimate workout, you’ll find it with Krav Maga.

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