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Professionals perform and supervise all the work of unloading and moving transformer with the help of specialized personnel. Whole process should be carried out by dry type transformers manufacturers in accordance with all cares that such a considerable weight requires, following all applicable safety rules and leveraging all indicated points of support. Experts and professionals know that a transformer should be lifted by the points as mentioned in the manual drawings. It is not advisable to use any other points; otherwise severe damages can occur to the device.

Uploading or Moving and Other Tasks Handled By Dry Type Transformers Manufacturers
If there is a need of horizontal movement, the user can apply bi-direction wheels for same purpose. One must avoid using a forklift to move the transformer. However, if it is important, one need to take special care of the position of the transformer. No strain should be imposed to improper places like the coils and bus bars, which could cause irreversible damages and affect the performance of the transformer.

Before unloading the transformer, it is a duty of the authorized personnel to perform preliminary inspection of the transformer to ensure that there is no visible defect and check for accessories and components for any deformity and condition of their painting.

You must check the packing list and in case you find any evident damage, missing components or accessories, call your transformer manufacturer.

If there is a long time gap between the installation of the transformer, it should be stored with its original packing, in a place which is dry, dust free, and don’t contain any corrosive gas. The transformer should be stored in its normal position and be away from any area that is accessed by many or subject to collisions.

Manufacturers also advise to use plastic cover to prevent incoming of dust. If the transformer is fitted with protective cubicle, one should use silica gel inside the cubicle to absorb moisture. In this way, you can store the transformer for long time without making any changes to its insulation features.

Accessories and components come with the transformer should be stored in suitable places. Once the storage period is over, dry type transformers can be powered as per the corresponding instructions.

So, now you know how dry type transformers manufacturers store and install their products at client site. If you have any query, ask experts today.

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