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Shampoo without sls is what exactly every person requires for shampooing the head. This is because, such shampoos are stated to be soft on the scalp and not harsh like those regular shampoos that are sold in the market. No one would like to have itchy, dry scalp. Shampoos that are free from sulfates tend to lack the foam that is generally noticed on using the regular shampoos having sulfates in them. This way, the person can enjoy having much healthier hair on his/her head.

Using Shampoo Without sls

Shampoo without sls and paraben – Why SLS is better avoided?

SLS in short for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is termed to be a harsh chemical which is used in shampoos for producing foam in good amount. This chemical is also used in toothpastes. When the sulfate present in the regular shampoo is used on the head tend to damage and dry out the follicles of hair, thereby leading to hair loss. People are actually tricked by the manufacturers into believing that their brand of shampoos that provides foam on shampooing is good and offer the much needed perfect clean. What people are not aware is the fact that SLS does not come with any cleansing abilities of its own, except creating foams. Hence, such harsh chemicals are better not used by anyone on their head. Shampoo without sls and sles  is the perfect solution to all their hair needs.

Shampoo without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – Safeguarding from Poor Hair

SLS actually create in the head of both men and women itchy scalp, something that is undesired. It can be more common, if the person suffers from eczema, since it tends to strip essential oils from the skin. It is not seen to be surprising as it is being used across the globe as primary skin irritant and for clinical testing purpose. Sulfate Free Shampoo  acts as healing agents especially on the irritated skin and resolves such scalp related problems, and helping to develop new, healthy hair.

SLS free Shampoo uk – Preventing Damages to the Hair

SLS is known to have the potential to damage the cornea, in case, the eyes come in contact with this harsh chemical. Sulfate also have been found to keep the young eyes from getting developed properly and does not allow proper structural formation. It is for this reason, shampoo labels are noticed to come with warning labels on the, stating that those who come in contact with the shampoo on the eyes should immediately wash it to remove it. Also, the regular shampoos are not meant for babies due to their sensitive skin. Hence, those shampoos which do not have SLS or any other chemical in them are quite safe to be used on the head for babies and adults alike.

Such shampoos are usually derived from corn, sweet lemon, coconut as well as other plants and are absolutely free from SLS. Hence, no irritation is felt in the eyes by the user even if such shampoos come in contact.

Conclusion: If the desire is to have healthy, strong hair, then it becomes essential to avoid chemical based shampoos and use only organic, sls free Shampoo ones.

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