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If you get right down to it, there are a lot of positive things to be said for an online college education. The main benefit is that, more than anything else, an online education doesn’t care about distance. You almost instantaneously cut the time and cost of transport from your college life, and if you were initially planning of moving into a dWhy Graphic Design is Best Studied Online?orm, then you can cut those costs as well.

Furthermore, university students learning online get the benefit of studying whenever they can, utilizing a more flexible schedule that allows them to accommodate their college responsibilities around their existing work or life responsibilities, rather than the other way round.

Why Graphic Design Is Best Studied Online?

Working and Learning, Online

As per CNBC, statistics show that most college students work at some point during their education – but the other factor that makes online colleges so beneficial is that they’re not just a great option for young students searching to get a degree before entering the workspace, they’re also an amazing option for older students with existing or stagnant careers looking for a challenge, or a way to get ahead in the job market and open up new career paths.

As per NBC News, the number of college students over the age of 25 is rising, in correlation to the growth and availability of online colleges.

There Are Cons

But while you can stand around and discuss the benefits of online colleges all day, one thing has to be said against them – they’re still not very popular with employers. Due to the infamy of low-quality education and previously low graduation ratios among many online higher education institutes, there are still many companies that basically considers an online degree in less regard than an on-campus education, citing the social and communicative benefits of going to college and speaking to professors.

However, that sentiment is becoming less and less significant, and many employers in the digital world recognize that learning online builds hard and soft skills related to working and communicating over the Internet – a factor that is increasingly beneficial for online Graphic Design courses.

The Benefits of Studying Graphic Design Online

While there are many commercial viabilities for graphic design, most of them in this day and age revolve around the internet, and the absolutely massive machinery that is digital marketing. As per Statista, US digital marketing spending is projected to hit $45 billion by 2019, marking it as one of the behemoths of the advertising world, continuously outperforming print and other traditional marketing methods.

Marketers, and companies, are in need of videographers, visual branding, infographics, shareable images, logos and even web design elements – all of which broadly fall into the expertise of a graphic design expert.

Part of being a successful designer, both freelance and in employed cases, is through proper communication and rudimentary marketing skills. That’s where learning online really comes into handy, as online Graphic Design degrees through institutes like CBU Online will help you in making a name for yourself online, and netting your first clients – or even getting hired straight out of college.

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