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Whether it is about covering the sliding glass doors, French doors or any other door type, nothing could be better than incorporating patio door window treatments with the component. The primary thing to consider is the window covering for the sliding patio doors that has to be efficient in keeping the rooms brighter and ensuring privacy throughout the day.

While searching for the window coverings, homeowners will come across with numerous options that can go with their sliding patio doors. Their task is to come up with the best option that does not only ensure elegance but, also promises efficiency and satisfactory performance. Normally, experts suggest to use blinds (either wooden mini blinds or vertical fabric blinds) because they prove their claim to be the perfect piece of installation. Also, homeowners can easily pull up the blinds whenever they want sunlight to enter the room. They can also close the blinds when they want privacy.


Sometimes, homeowners add curtains to live in complete light out whereas, most of the times, they want to add curtains for beauty and to give a finishing touch to the interior. They can go with full-length curtains that have beautiful look, allow light to come inside and give privacy at the same time. Homeowners can even stitch curtains on their own! All they have to do is to visit a reliable fabric store and decide on the type of fabric that would complement their décor.

This criterion stands true for shutters, faux wood blinds, roman shades, sheers bamboo, panel track blinds, pleated shades and various other draperies. The final decision will be based upon the surrounding and internal needs of the home. For instance, vertical cellular shades (also named as honeycomb shades) can be used during winter or homeowners can select heavier insulated curtains. The two choices will restrict cooler air from entering the home, thus helping homeowners to control their energy bills.

Living in a warm and sunny place requires homeowners to install solar shades as they are capable of restricting ultraviolet rays, thus ensuring comfortable and relaxing environment inside the home. The best thing about these shades is that they are available in a wide variety of patterns and allow homeowners to select the most suitable piece according to their requirements. They can complement the sliding patio doors, irrespective of where they are installed- in the living room or bedroom.

When it comes to measuring the size, homeowners have to decide on whether to start from the door’s top or just beyond it. In order to hide the space between the door frame and ceiling, they can go with the ceiling mount vertical blind.

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