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So, are you a long-time motorcycle rider or thinking of becoming one?

Either way, being safe on a motorcycle ass compared to driving a car or truck takes on added importance.

First, keep in mind that motorcycles offer less protection. Sure, you have more maneuverability with a motorcycle, but that is often where it ends.

3 Keys To Safer Motorcycle Riding

Second, an accident on a motorcycle as compared to a car or truck can have deadly consequences. For obvious reasons, the motorcycle does not offer as much protection.

If you want to learn how to ride in a safe manner, start by reading through a motorcycle license manual at your DMV.

That manual can provide you with tips on riding and making sure you are obeying all the various road rules.

So, are you prepared to ride off with safety being your main goal?

Safer Riding Leads to Fewer Accidents

Commonsense would tell you that safer riding leads to fewer accidents.

That said focus in on these three keys:

  1. Obeying the rules of the road – Although you might say you always obey the rules of the road, is that in fact the case? Some motorcyclists are of the mindset that they can come and go on the roads as they please. The main thinking is because the motorcycle has more maneuverability than a car or truck. Unfortunately, that mindset can have deadly implications. Do your best to follow the laws and not push the envelope when it comes to where you take your bike on the roads.
  2. Inspecting your bike – Since a motorcycle is not a car or truck, it does not take as long to inspect for problem areas. That being the case, make sure you get your bike checked out on an annual basis. Looking for problems with brakes, tires, turn signals etc. should always be a priority. If you know of a good motorcycle mechanic, taking your bike in for regular check-ups is always the smart thing to do.
  3. Bad weather – Though cars and trucks are prone, motorcyclists can also crash in bad weather. Hitting a patch of black ice or not being able to brake on a rainy surface can prove bad for you and others on the road. If you do have to ride in inclement weather, be sure you give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go. This will cut down on the chances of being in a serious accident.

Also Dressing the Part

As important as the mechanics of your motorcycle prove to be, don’t overlook how you dress when you ride.

This means having the right helmet wear and of course the right clothes on.

Take time to shop for your motorcycle riding pants and other needs. Doing so will in all hopes allow you to find the gear that not only looks good, but is the safest out there. This is especially important should you unfortunately take a spill.

Last; have reflective clothing on at night.

While car or truck drivers should be able to see you due to your lights, reflective clothing does help.

That said are you ready to hop on your motorcycle and take safety along for the ride?

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