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After a car accident, your body may need some time to recover from inflammation and damage. Working out and getting strong isn’t just about the amount of weight that you lift. It also includes allowing yourself plenty of time to recover. Because it can impact your performance and future health goals, you want to come up with the right recovery plan. According to a car accident attorney at Tenn and Tenn Law Firm in Manchester, New Hampshire, “It’s imperative to take care of your body for the months following an accident to insure a permanent recovery. A settlement is designed to be commensurate with your injuries, not a retirement plan. If you don’t help your body recover, a settlement may not last as long as you would think.”

The following are 6 helpful tips that will boost your recovery quickly after exercising.

Eat Healthy

6 Tips To A Quick Recovery After A Car Accident

Although refueling with a trip to your local fast food drive-thru may seem convenient, you won’t help you recover properly. You can pay homage to your sore and tired muscles by fueling them with nutritious foods. To reduce muscle soreness, include tart cherries, blueberries and other dark fruits. Cruciferous and leafy green veggies such as spinach, kale, cauliflower and broccoli aid your metabolism. High-quality, lean protein and complex carbohydrates are also critical to your body’s recovery. If you’re pressed for time after a bad car accident, pack some nutritious snacks that can be taken on the go such as a PBJ on whole-grain bread, apples, trail mix or low-fat cheese cubes and crackers.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

After trauma and stress, you’ll probably deplete a significant amount of fluids. You can begin to replace the lost liquids during the weeks to come. It’s equally crucial to drink plenty of water. But water isn’t the only component necessary when you want to recover quickly. All natural BCAA powder plays a key role in energy production and relieving muscle soreness. Made up of three essential amino acids, isoleucine, and zero additives, adding BCAA powder to your regimen also increases your body’s fat burning capabilities, enhances endurance performance and combats fatigue.

Relax and Rest

Taking a day or two off from strenuous activity is one of the best ways to let your body recover. While you may find it difficult to not stay active, you’ll be amazed at the human body’s healing capabilities when given sufficient time to rest. If you find it a challenge to stay immobile, try low-impact exercises such as walking.

Schedule a Massage

Getting a massage helps aid sore muscles. It can also boost the circulation of the body, while you spend time relaxing. Whether you self-massage your body using a foam roller or enlist the help of a massage therapist, the pressured movements reduces pain and prevents injury. Dependent on your specific needs, there are various types of massage therapies that include sports and deep tissue. Similar to a regular exercise program, you may also want to schedule ongoing massage therapy to help your body stay healthy.

Listen to Your Body

Another important tip to recovering properly is to listen to your body. On days when you’re tired or sore, don’t push yourself to extremes. Taking a small breaks won’t put you behind. It will only make you stronger quicker. Listening to the warning signs that your body is sending you could also help prevent injuries.

Nobody enjoys the soreness and body aches that accompany a bad car accident. But in order to recovery properly, you’re going to have to follow a certain protocol. By following these steps and allowing your body sufficient rest, you’ll be able to prevent injuries and enhance your performance.

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