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In order to establish a recruitment agency, one needs to have a lot of passion, detailed planning and some experience. The industry is surely worth millions but there is a lot of hard work and struggle required to stay in business.

Can Agencies In Toronto Be Your Guide In Job Search?

The services of agencies in Toronto are employed by diverse business, right from small business who are in search of employees to scale up their business to large companies who may at times need people on temporary basis.

Their Function and Clientele

Recruitment agencies serve diverse sectors of the economy. The most important reason why clients opt for the services of recruitment agencies is that this ensures efficiency. They are able to locate and employ the right people for the job within a stipulated time frame. Though the money is important, a lot is at stake as it’s about people’s lives. So one should step into this profession if they are confident and passionate about delivering the results.

Who are the People Getting into this Business?

The people who usually get into this business are recruitment professionals and industry professionals who have their specialization in a particular domain.


It’s necessary to do some research prior to establishing a business and this business is no exception. The choice of the location is important as it often becomes the crucial factor given the nature of your business. For instance, if one is operating in the suburbs, then they cannot look to provide their services for a particular section of the population but offer something that will be suitable for all.

The recruitment industry has become all the more competitive owing to its scope for growth. It’s not an industry where one needs to be highly qualified. People with basic degrees can also set up a business. However, this isn’t the case of IT or engineering recruitment as these are specialized areas.


The expenses of starting a recruitment business will vary depending upon where one intends to start from. Beginning with a basic setup including phone, computers, printing facilities and some advertising will cost much less than renting an office space and recruiting a team of professionals. Advertising is the primary expense involved in this business. The turnover will depend on the kind of investment made.

Everyday Operations

One needs to be up to date with their workflow. If you have posted an advertisement, then you need to go through each and every mail or application that you get in response. Also, some time should be dedicated to marketing which will help you attract new clients. The whole process of recruitment takes around a month, beginning from advertising for the job to the chosen candidate beginning work. But the process can be expedited depending upon the urgency of the client.

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