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It seems like you can’t go a week without hearing about a security breach.If you have an online account, you’ve probably seen an email explaining that you need to change your password.In extreme cases, you mayfind out that your credit or debit card has been shut off to protect you from fraud.Technology advances in leaps and bounds, while the real world has to struggle to keep up. The savvy individual can get looped into these needs as they arise, thus securing their professional lives for the foreseeable future.

Cybersecurity is not a field to get into if you do not have fine attention to detail. Your drive to know more and stay ahead of network security risks may be all that stands between a company and bankruptcy.Along with a love of computers and fine attention to detail, you must be alert and ready to change on a dime. Hackers never sleep and you will need to be aware of that and remain on guard.

How Technology Has Opened Up New Career Paths

There are very few fields that can take you to a well-paying job with a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s in cybersecurity is one of them. Because the field is a live environment and constantly changing, getting that degree quickly will make sure that you remain relevant.This particular degree is also very buildable – once you get it, you can easily tack on a business technology or medical networking specialization.

According to, the lack of current cybersecurity professionals is leaving businesses vulnerable to attacks.The skills shortage means that companies need people as soon as possible.Thankfully, you could be walking into a job for one of these companies in less time than it would take to get a traditional four-year degree.

There are three major tracks that you can get into when you start working towards your bachelor’s in cybersecurity.These tracks are “offensive”, “defensive” and “general”. Which one you get into should depend mostly on what you see as fulfilling and best suits your personality.

Offensive cybersecurity professionals could also be known as “white hat” hackers. In the digital world, offensive cybersecurity professionals are those who use their hacking skills to seek weaknesses in their client’s networking system. The goal is to recognize the problem and then alert your customer.

Contrary to the offensive track, defensive cybersecurity is used when researching best practices. You will take information given to you about weaknesses and attacks, and craft new standards for your company.Once you’ve been alerted to a weakness in the system, it is your job to reinforce security and remove that weakness as a point of entry to your customer’s system.

Broad overviews of both offensive and defensive security measures are important if you want to use the bachelor’s in cybersecurity as a foundation for furthering your education and professional life.From the general starting point, you could add your MBA and get into managing the cybersecurity teams for other companies, or even start your own.

Regardless of your choices, once you are armed with your bachelor’s in cyber security, you will be able to apply for positions that range from healthcare to finance.Medical professionals have a range of needs for cybersecurity professionals, due to the sensitive nature of their work. Each hospital has an intranet that assists them in running their day-to-day medical equipment. If you havean ECG, for example,the results arewirelessly transferred to your doctor’s office. HIPAA regulations require that the hospital keep those patient records secure and confidential.If the intranet was accessed, the hacker would have access to patient’s names, date of birth, social security numbers, and even their home address.

For the financial sector, if you get a notice that your credit card company or your bank records have been accessed, it is natural to worry about how this could affect your financial life. Banks, like hospitals, are now reaching a place where there is a lot of stiff competition for clients.In the finance industry, credit unions have been on the rise since 2012.

If you’re tired of a job that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, it is time to look elsewhere. Choosing a field that is constantly growing, changing and indemand means that your career will be one of continuous possibilities. Take the step today and see if you qualify for an online program.You have nothing to lose and could gain your lifetime profession.

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