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If you are like most startups it is highly likely that you are strategizing on how to make it big on social media. Of course social media has become an integral part of modern business marketing with 2.5 billion users to be found on different social networks.

How To Win A Competitive Edge by Buying Instagram Followers

However, it is Instagram that is now redefining internet marketing through its innovative and fresh approach. If you want to enjoy high visibility on the internet you need to impress your target audience on this social media network.  As you grow your follower base your brand will enjoy more mentions as your photos and videos continue being shared rapidly.

Exciting Instagram Numbers

Started in October 2010 Instagram has managed to attract a 500 million-strong user base according to statistics from TechCrunch. The same report says the social media platform attracts 300 million viewers daily which is a dream for every marketer. A study by SimilarWeb says users spend 20 minutes on the app which means your brand will enjoy huge visibility online.

These numbers are music to very suave marketer who wants to leverage the growing influence of social media. Sample this; on an average day over 80 million and videos are shared on Instagram. When video was introduced over 5 million uploads were made in 24 hours according to Adweek.

Getting the Most out of Instagram

These numbers give just a glimpse of the impact Instagram can have on your business. As a new business you will find it hard to penetrate this market and enjoy any returns at the beginning.  Most brands have a misconception that social media networks such as Instagram cannot give returns quickly but this is because they have not tried to buy Instagram followers.

It might sound like a complicated process until you understand the basic.  For any brand to leverage Instagram as a marketing tool it must first increase the number of followers. This is not easy as a startup and this is the major reason you need external help.

Buying Instagram followers helps your business to make an instant impact by building brand awareness. The process is easy and all you need is an account before signing up with a reliable Instagram solutions service.  When buying these followers take time to read more about the service provider and always ask for a moneyback guarantee in case things don’t work out.

It is true gaining traction on Instagram can be tricky for a new business but now you don’t have to wait for months to enjoy increased brand recognition, more traffic and high conversion rates. Just start your campaign by buying quality followers.

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