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Vacation time is limited for so many people that work today. Making the most of the vacation time will leave a worker or retiree with friends or family feeling refreshed, invigorated and happy. A great place to start is planning a Lake Cumberland vacation. This beautiful scenic area offers some of the best activities available. A beautiful recreational lake awaits couples, friends, kids, and families with miles to fish, waterski, and enjoy cozy, quiet evenings under the stars. Summertime fun will be a memorable event for everyone involved for the rest of their lives.


Where Should You Stay At Lake Cumberland?

There are many places to stay or camp while visiting. One of the best options to consider is to check out houseboat rentals on Lake Cumberland. Being gently rocked to sleep like a baby every night will leave someone feeling safe, secure, and peaceful. Spacious rooms and lots of areas for fishing at Lake Cumberland can be found on a houseboat. It’s easy to get refreshed in the water by jumping off the deck of a houseboat to climb back aboard and enjoy the warm sun aboard the houseboat.

What Is There To Do At Lake Cumberland?

In addition to enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep on a houseboat, water skiing on Lake Cumberland. Smaller boats can be rented for the day to enjoy this exciting sport. Another activity that boats are available for is fishing. If a vacationer wants something slower to stop and picnic on the shores, they should consider renting a pontoon boat.

Enjoying birding in the area is another great hobby enthusiast can enjoy in the area. Every season offers outstanding viewing for a variety of owls, the blue heron, belted kingfisher, whip-poor-will, red-tailed hawk and many other birds in the area. Wild turkey can be seen throughout the park on the scenic trails that are available for hiking. Horseback riding, playground, shuffleboard, and swimming await everyone that’s vacationing at Lake Cumberland. The lake is ranked fourth in the nation for visitors each year and is home to two Kentucky State Parks. Start planning your vacation today to Lake Cumberland, and enjoy everything it has to offer.

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