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The simple rules of the game and ease with which you can learn them are probably the popular reasons for the reigning supremacy of Indian rummy as the favourite social card game in the country. Over the years, the game has undergone several changes but still continues to enthrall rummy players even to this day. Although the basic rummy rules of the game are the same, the introduction of online rummy games has changed the face of the game itself. From being a simple club room indulgence it has evolved to become a fast-paced digital game striking a chord with the net-savvy younger generation too.

Here are titbits of information on 4 rules which you may use to win the games.

  1. Melding a sequence

A sequence is a group of consecutive cards of the same suit. The group may consist of 3 or more cards. It is little known to players that the sequence you meld may either be 3 cards or more too. If your odds of winning are moderate, then you may consider melding a sequence with 3 cards alone and complete the mandatory melds’ requirements. So, the next time you feel you are stuck while you play rummy rules, go back the basics and meld the compulsory sequences with just 3 three cards alone.

  1. Melding the set

According to Indian rummy rules, a set is formed by grouping 3 or 4 cards of the same rank but from different suits. Generally, it is assumed that a set may be formed with 4 cards alone since there are 4 different suits. But, the fact is, even with just 3 cards you can still meld a valid set. Thus, if you are struggling with your hand but eventually find an opportunity to meld a set then stop not.

  1. Jokers have no value

According to the rummy rules, jokers are used instead of any another card to complete the second sequence and meld the remaining cards. At the same time, they do not have any value too. After you have successfully finished melding pure sequence its time you use jokers to meld the second sequence. But, in case your opponent declares before you, then do not worry. The value of your hand will reduce drastically since jokers do not fetch you any points. Jokers prove to be your blessing in disguise cards and help you the most.

  1. Duplicate cards add to your points

In addition to jokers, it is quite possible to get duplicate cards too. According to Indian rummy rules, duplicate cards will only add to your points. But if a card and its duplicate are used wisely in two separate instances then, you may have a winning meld in your hand. If you have a card, say, 6 of Hearts and another of it as the duplicate, then you may use one of these cards to meld a set and use the duplicate to meld a sequence.


Rummy rules are easy to remember. Learn to make the best use of these rules and cruise your way to success.

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