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If you’re running a business there’s one thing you need to start thinking about right now, and that’s sleigh bells.

Christmas brings with it a lot of extra responsibilities for the business owner, from opportunities for a bumper month of revenue, to ensuring their employees have the resources they need to cope with the Christmas rush, to looking for a way to give them some sort of relaxation or reward after the busy time is over.

You can’t start planning for Christmas too soon! Harrods opens their Christmas shop in August, but even if you’re not planning on unveiling your Christmas ideas so early, it’s still wise to have a plan in place.

One of the major things you need to cover is your Christmas party: you’ll be asking your employees to put in a lot of extra time in the weeks and months coming up to Christmas. It’s only fair to reward them when you can with a party – especially if you can’t afford to shut down for some additional time off during the ‘holidays’.

Christmas Starts Now

If you’re looking for Christmas party ideas, London is full of them, so you’ll be able to find something that’s perfect: not just in the abstract but perfect for your specific employees.

While dinner on the company is a good treat, and a choice of the right restaurant will ensure all of your staff are able to find something to enjoy on the menu, it doesn’t show much imagination.  Putting in some thought and starting to plan now will mean you can provide something truly memorable.

Escape rooms are an increasingly popular entertainment for businesses: putting teams of employees into rooms with plenty of puzzles to solve. This doesn’t just entertain! It’s also an opportunity for team building, and practicing problem solving skills in a novel environment. Your employees will come out flush with success and go on to celebrate for the rest of the evening with a real sense of achievement behind them.

For something on a grander scale, London, and now Manchester are hosting live recreations of the Crystal Maze, a source of nostalgia for anyone who was watching TV in the 90s, which would allow you and your employees to race through a recreation of the TV’s maze and is sure to provide both a thrill and a treat.

The only drawback to these is that they do tend to book up very early: they are very much in demand and availability is limited. This just reinforces the spirit we started this article with: it’s important to start planning now!

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