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Summer is a special time for students. You have all the time you did when you were in school, with not just a long vacation, but also the notoriously flexible student schedules that allow for a great deal more football in the park than most adult jobs.

Summer Sun For Students

You also have the resources and abilities of an adult to pursue all the fun in the sun you want: a child has the time to really enjoy the summer for all it’s worth but has to rely on parents if they want to go anywhere beyond their own back yard. As a student if you want a trip to the beach, and have a friend with a car, you can just wake up and make that happen!

Today we’re presenting a guide to some of the major events of the summer to make sure you’re ready to make the most of the good weather!

Moving House

One of the major things you’ll have to do over the summer is your first house mouse. If you’ve been in some of the student accommodation Sheffield offers, for example, you likely won’t be able to stay there into your second and third years. Space is needed for new students and you need to find friends to share with and a house to share.

If you’ve got a friend or relative with a care, this will help to make the move relatively straightforward: with only a small room to fill and two thirds of the year to fill it, you shouldn’t have too much to carry. And once you’ve settled in, you can thrash down the weeds in the garden, set up a BBQ and begin to enjoy what remains of the summer.


Your studies as a student might afford you more flexibility than people in full time work, but are no less strenuous. Perhaps more so, as you are aware of the impact success or failure could have on your future, and of course you are paying nearly ten thousand pounds a year for the privilege, rather than being remunerated for your studies.

This adds up to a good reason for a holiday, and while your budget might be tight, you’ll never be in as good a position to simply do what you can afford and make a good time of it regardless. You’ve got close friends, and you’re young enough to put up with almost anything in search of a unique experience.

You might opt for a festival, for some extraordinary experiences you’ll never forget, if you can remember them. Or if you want to take your chance performing at an arts festival like the Edinburgh Fringe, you might be able to get funding and persuade your student union to underwrite your holiday!

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