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When working on a construction project, many issues can arise and there are times when it is best to seek the legal advice from a construction attorney in Phoenix. Construction law can be complex and if you are not experienced in this area, it can be quite confusing. A construction litigator represents contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and other construction professionals during any legal matters related to a construction project and can help you understand.

When Can I Use a Construction Litigator?

A construction litigator is beneficial to work with during construction issues that include breach of contract, defects in the project, delays in the project, construction liens, contract disputes and more. Obviously a construction litigator will be beneficial to use when a claim is made and you need to go through the litigation process, but a construction litigator can help with many other things. If you need help scheduling or budgeting any construction projects, a construction litigator can help along with making sure that all requirements are met. They can also protect payments, assist with insurance/bonding agreements, prepare any documents for loans and negotiate loans. A construction litigator’s skills should also be used to draft and negotiate any construction contracts and bid requests.

Using a Construction Litigator During the Litigation Process

If you are faced with going through the litigation process, a construction litigator will be able to assist you during all of the phases. During the investigation phase, a construction litigator is responsible for finding all evidence needed to either file or defend a lawsuit. This includes speaking with any witnesses for testimony along with gathering all necessary documents and then analyzing the results. During the discovery phase, a construction litigator will identify the issues and build a strong strategy for your case using all of the information they gathered during the investigation phase. If your case is unable to resolve the issue outside of court, the pretrial phase is next. This is when a construction litigator will get the ball rolling with consultations, providing expert witnesses, attending pretrial conferences and setting up a strategy to prepare the case of trial. During a trial, they will take care of everything from preparing persuasive arguments to present to the court, to providing evidence that will help the case as well as conducting opening statements and closing statements. If needed, a construction litigator will also be responsible for appealing the decision made during the trial.

Experienced Construction Litigators

At MKC Law Firm, you will find a team full of experienced construction litigators who are well-versed in all things construction law. We know that construction contracts, disputes and claims can be confusing. That is why we offer only the best legal advice through strong communication. From drafting contracts to negotiating bids, MKC Law Firm has the experience and skills to assist you in all things construction law.

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