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When you plan to travel, it is very likely that there will be a large period of both saving and planning where you want to go. The planning itself can really help this long arduous, metaphorical journey of saving. It helps keep you excited about the adventures and exciting times ahead, and allows you to keep your head down and get through the monotony of heavy saving. One thing though that is often taken for granted during saving are those things in your life that makes it all a bit more comfortable and smoother than your destination. If you’re backpacking on the other side of the world, you can’t expect your lovely power shower to be waiting for you when you get back to home, or your favourite spot on the sofa to be there.

These creature comforts can be sorely missed when travelling, but there’s a few things you can do when packing and planning that can guarantee a few of these comforts to help you on your travels. Firstly, try and pack things that will be multi-purpose to you, and not solely just for comfort, as this can often take up too much space. For example, sliders slippers can be a worthy investment. They can be great for those days where you’re not exploring so much, days spent by the beach or the pool somewhere and can be perfect for when you’re staying in hostels and you need to use the showers. The comfort that comes with them though, also allows them to be worn just for the sake of cosiness, while not taking up to much room at all for the amount of purposes they hold.

You will want to pack one outfit that can be your go to comfort wear, as there will be days when travelling, when you actually don’t do too much travelling, and you will want the clothes that just allow you to feel relaxed and in your own space. Of course, be clever about this outfit, allow it to be something that mixes and matches with your other set of clothes, once it is safely incorporated you know it’s there for when you need it, and not taking up room just for one purpose. Finally, try and bring something small that will remind you of home. During the saving up period, it can be hard to think that you will miss home at all, but it will happen, and these little keepsakes can help keep you strong during your travels, and give you that little dose of home you really need.

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