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Furniture is a big purchase, and consumers want to be confident they’re making the right decision. Forward-thinking furniture retailers offer tools like room visualizers and augmented reality to help shoppers see how furniture will look in their homes before purchasing. Many furniture stores also host warehouse sales that feature overstock, floor samples, and returned items at great prices. Be sure to ask your local furniture store when their next event is. Shopping for furniture can be a big splurge. But you can save by waiting for discount days or using coupons. Prices often vary between online and in-store retailers. This is mainly due to a company’s relationships with suppliers and the fact that screens can make specific colors (like black) look lighter or darker than they are.

Sign Up for Email Newsletters

In a world of spam emails and endless Facebook notifications, people avoid email newsletters like the plague. However, if you sign up for a regular newsletter from a retailer and shop with them regularly, you may receive special coupons and offers they only send to their subscriber base. These deals can add up over time and help you save on furniture and other home-related purchases. Whether shopping for picture frames or a new mattress, signing up for an email newsletter is a smart way to keep in touch with your favorite retailers. Many retailers also offer loyalty programs that provide additional discounts and perks.  Local furniture stores often hold warehouse sales several times yearly to sell off overstock and floor samples. This is a great time to buy, especially if you’re willing to pick up pieces that require assembly.

Look for Sales

While the furniture market has traditionally been offline, advancements in logistics have made online purchases a feasible option for buyers. In fact, according to CR’s latest research, almost two-thirds of furniture searches are transactional, and shoppers are ready to purchase their pieces. Some retailers, like Ashley Furniture, offer discounts and sales throughout the year. Others provide tools to help shoppers save time, such as app integrations that automatically apply coupon codes at checkout. Still, others offer free shipping and easy return policies, which can be a big deal when purchasing large furniture such as sofas. Finally, providing furniture buyers with the best possible experience is essential. That’s why some retailers use augmented reality and 3-D images to help shoppers visualize how their furniture will look in their homes. In addition, firms are helping consumers by offering apps to help buyers determine if certain pieces will fit in their rooms. 

Look for Warehouse Sales

While purchasing furniture in person used to be a necessary step in the buying process, consumers are increasingly doing their research online and visiting stores less. This means that retailers must make shopping as convenient as possible, and this often includes offering sales and coupons. Some retailers provide a loyalty program that gives their members early access to sales, discounts, and free shipping. The program also rewards customers with vouchers worth 10 percent of the value of each purchase, which can be applied to future purchases. Another way to save is to watch for sales at home-design sites. Many retailers offer discounts and promo codes on these platforms, and it’s a great idea to follow their accounts to be among the first to hear about new deals. Some online retailers also offer tools like room visualizers to help customers envision how pieces will look in their homes before purchasing. For a more personalized experience, some retailers provide in-person pickup and assembly services to customers who want the convenience of buying online but prefer to have the product delivered and assembled. 

Shop in Person

Signing up for a furniture store’s email newsletter is a good idea when shopping online. This will enable you to receive coupons that are exclusive to their subscribers. Additionally, you should follow the company on social media to receive regular updates about promotions and new inventory. These methods will help you save money and find the right piece of furniture for your needs. Online furniture stores are also likely to offer better deals and discounts than their offline counterparts since they do not have to cover rent or other overhead costs. They can also source their inventory from affordable suppliers and pass the savings on to their customers.

Moreover, they can provide helpful tools like room visualizers to help customers make informed purchasing decisions. Buying in person can be expensive and time-consuming, mainly when you have limited pieces to choose from at a given location. However, many customers prefer to shop in-store if they still determine how a specific piece will look in their home. Another benefit of in-person shopping is that it is easier to return items if you are unsatisfied. Unlike online purchases, which require you to pay for return shipping, in-store returns are usually free or come with a much lower price tag.

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