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Codes are essential for modern websites. Today, websites can’t just be equipped with simple HTML codes and content. Codes are essential if we want to add multiple functions. In this case, developers should know about the interface of the website. The code should improve the look and feel of the website.

Design and navigation are essential for the completion of the website. Today, a website should be fully dynamic and it is important for developers to fully interact with designers. In this case, it is important for us to understand the whole design. As an example, buttons could be added in various areas of the website and they require proper coding to work properly.

The development team can use various programming platforms to control the source code. There could be some technical documentation that needs to be prepared. As an example, JavaDoc is needed for Java programmers to organize their works and improve code flow. The coding team can prepare the end-user documentation. This can be used and understood by technical writers. In this case, the coding process can proceed with specific requirement specifications. The end result would be a database-driven website that can be fully functional based on specific user preferences.

Coding And Testing In Web Development Project

Because websites have code, it is essentially an online application. Like any software, an intensive testing is needed to make sure that it will work based on diverse requirements and situations. In many cases, website is a multi-user system and there are some limitations that we need to consider. It could have specific bandwidth and resources limitations. There are different types of tests that we need to use, such as stress testing, integration testing, load testing, scalability testing, cross-browser compatibility testing and screen resolution testing. These tests can be performed manually or automatically.

Server-side codes need to be tested regularly to define whether the website could load quickly. Graphic loading test could be considered as less relevant today, because many users are already using high-speed broadband connections. There are testing tools that can be used to determine whether server-side codes are useful for this purpose. As an example, ASP applications can be tested using the Web Application Test Tool that’s developed by Microsoft.

These tools are often available for free and can be downloaded directly by developers. Subsequent tests could be needed, such as link tests to know whether all links have worked properly. There are requirements and specifications need to be met. The output of the test phase can be error logs and test reports. They can be used by developers to further improve the system. In this case, a close interaction between testers and developers is needed.

Websites are actually machines and they need to be maintained and updated frequently. After the test procedure is completed, it is nearly impossible that no bug is discovered. It means that after that our website is fully operational, we need ongoing technical maintenance. These steps are needed if we want to make sure that the website could work like a well-oiled machine.

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