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Most of the pressure we feel in life is self-inflicted, and created in our own minds. Even pressures that we consider external — pressure from our friends, significant others, family, or bosses — is actually generated within the mind. Okay, so your boss “put pressure” on you to get a project done on time by telling you, “hey, make sure you get that project done on time.” But are they standing over your shoulder, constantly tapping you, or literally putting pressure on you by standing on your shoulders? No, that is just your anxiety. Other people just serve as human embodiments of your own anxiety, which is what creates pressure. You project the pressure you are putting on yourself onto them.

The time in your life when this most applies is one of the most pressure filled times in any young person’s life: when you are applying for college. You feel an incredible pressure at all times to get into the perfect school. But you project this pressure onto the people in your life: you think your friends are putting pressure on you to get into a school as good as theirs, your parents are putting pressure on you to spend their money wisely on school, and your teachers are putting pressure on you to live up to your potential.

But this is all in your mind. All of those people just want you to pick the right school for you. That felt pressure is actually coming from your own anxieties about picking the school that you will love but is also up to snuff academically.

5 Essential College Admission Tips

This pressure is good, but also needs to be kept in check. It will drive you to be your best, but could also lead to a breakdown. College application is a stressful but extremely exciting time. You have endless possibilities, from studying mathematics, to getting mediation training from ACU. But to get in anywhere, you will need these 5 college admission tips.

  1. Embellish Your Resume

This is the advice any adult will give you if they are being honest. Don’t lie, don’t invent, just make the things you have actually done sound as good as possible.

  1. Apply to as Many Schools as You Can

Every high school graduate picks their dream school, but if you end up not getting in, you will want options.

  1. Get a Letter of Recommendation

A god letter of recommendation could put your application over the top. Get a different letter of recommendation that fits each school well instead of suing one for all purposes.

  1. Get Help on Your Essays

You only have one shot at your college essays, so don’t be insecure or prideful. Get as much help as you can in making your essays accurately reflect your smarts.

  1. Talk to the Colleges

Any college you apply for should have an admissions representative who can assist you in giving yourself the best chance on your application. Colleges want you to get in, so they will help.

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