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Going to a college fair is advantageous for students who are unsure of where they want to continue their education. There are so many different colleges and universities to choose from, including the University of New England, University of Miami and University of Cincinnati. Where you decide to go will be based on a number of factors, such as the location, the costs and the distance. Keep in mind what you’ll want to major in so you can check into the courses and programs offered. Some schools have better business and real estate programs than others.

How To Make The Most Of College Fairs

If you’re planning to go to a college fair soon, use the following tips to get prepared.

Write Down a List of Attending Colleges

Which colleges are going to be present at the state fair? Once you know which ones will be there, it’s time to narrow it down to the ones you find the most intriguing. Try to make it around 10, so you have a good amount of options. This list will be like your itinerary for the college fair. Visit all the ones on the list to see which ones make the final cut. While you’re there, you may come across other schools not on your list – don’t hesitate to check those out as well.

Research the Schools

Before you go to the college fair, use the Web to find out all you can about the different schools. This will help you narrow down your list. You can find out a lot about a university just by looking on the Internet. Then any other bit of information you learn while at the fair can be used to fill in whatever you didn’t know.

Make Name & Address Labels

You can save yourself plenty of time by creating labels that have your name and address on them. There will be forms you have to fill out for the schools you’re interested in. These forms are used to show the school you’re interested and they will in turn mail you information packets and other details sent out by the school. Your labels should also include other pertinent information, such as your email address, date of birth, GPA and date of graduation.

Dress Appropriately

You’re a high school student, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to impress. You want to showcase yourself as someone who’s serious about their education. You don’t have to wear a dress or business suit, but your outfit should be neat.

Don’t Be Late

You want to arrive early, so you can get a fresh start with the various colleges. You don’t want to be the 250th person that approaches them. By this time, they’re exhausted and likely ready to leave. Plus, you’re more memorable if you’re one of the first to connect with them.

Bring Your Resume

Give your resume to the colleges you’re interested in to showcase your go-getter attitude. This will also give them additional information about the student that’s interested in attending their school. Your resume will be given to the college admissions office for review as well.

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