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So you’ve decided to move to Australia? Moving Down Under is a dream for many Brits and it can bring with it many adventures, a better lifestyle, more sunshine and greater job opportunities. However, before you make the big move to Australia there are some things that you should know.

A Few Things Brits Should Know When Moving To Australia

Australia Is Enormous

We are from a tiny island nation that you can drive across in a day, so it’s hard to imagine the sheer vastness of Australia. You can drive for days and only make it a small distance across the map and in the empty middle of Australia you can travel for a very long time without seeing cities or towns of any sort.

So, if you plan on visiting another part of Australia while you are living abroad keep this in mind. It won’t be something that you can do for a weekend trip unless you decide to fly, as the distances are so great.

It’s Not Always Sunny

You might think that you are guaranteed beautiful weather no matter where in Australia you go, but this isn’t necessarily true. If you visit somewhere like Melbourne in the winter (our summer) then you will find freezing cold temperatures and rain. Since Australia is such a big country it has so much diversity in its eco-system and you will find all sorts of temperatures there, from rain to dry deserts to tropical rainforests and much more. Do some research into the region where you plan to move so that you can make sure that you are choosing the right destination.

You’ll Need Plug Converters

The Australian plug sockets are unique – they are different than the British ones, the European ones or the American ones. So, this means that even if you have some plug converters from other holidays you’ll probably still need to buy new ones when you move to Australia. The Australian plug sockets look similar to the American ones but they have the prongs angled inwards.

The good news is that you’ll never have to endure the horrible pain of stepping on a British plug that is lying upright on the floor. We all know how horrendous that can be!

Get Your Visa Sorted

You’ll need a visa to move abroad to Australia and there are a few options for Brits, including working holiday visas, spousal visas and skilled worker visas. Applying for these visas can be a long and somewhat complicated process, so make sure that you give yourself lots of time to get this figured out.

A visa service such as The Emigration Group can help with the sometimes complicated process of sorting out your visa. They are experts in the art of obtaining Australian and New Zealand Visas for UK citizens so that you can move down under. If you have any questions when you are going through the visa process you can ask them and get those questions answered ASAP.

Bringing in Your Pet Isn’t Easy

If you are thinking about bringing a furry friend with you into Australia, you might want to think again. Any pets that are coming into Australia will need to be placed into a quarantined area for a period of up to 120 days, which can be a very long time and a stressful experience for an animal. The minimum amount of time in quarantine is 10 days, but depending on the tests that need to be performed this can take longer.

Some breeds of dogs are not eligible to be imported into Australia at all. Before you make the decision, look into the details of bringing your pet in and decide whether or not that is the best option for them. You might decide that the overall experience would be too difficult on them and they are better left in the UK in the care of a friend or a family member. Or, you might decide to postpone your move for a few years until your beloved furry friend passes away.

These are just a few of the things that you should know when it comes to moving to Australia. Moving to this beautiful country can be an amazing experience and it can provide you with an excellent quality of life.

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